Your Marketing Funnel’s a Sieve: Plug It With Video

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What if you could appeal to 70% of your niche? Would you invest money in something like that?

Who would pass up an opportunity like that? But there are plenty of marketers and businesses out there who invest very little in their video marketing.

70% of business use video to make purchase decisions. That’s a statistic nobody should ignore.

But how do you incorporate video into your marketing? Let’s take a quick look.

1. Create Awareness

Plenty of businesses out there aren’t even aware you exist. Maybe they know your niche and could use your product, but they don’t know you.

The future of video marketing is brand awareness. And every business should learn more about the future of video marketing. Even before you create your first video, do your research.

The first step of your funnel is awareness. And all it takes is a few seconds to get someone to say, “hmm, I didn’t know those guys existed.”

You’re inserting your brand into their consciousness so that when they need your products or services, they’ll come searching for you. Or they’ll watch your explainer video ad.

2. Lead Acquisition with Video

There are a few ways you can acquire leads through video. Both use ads.

You probably don’t want to create a lengthy video ad. Unless, that is, you can create something so compelling people stay and watch instead of clicking the “Skip Ad” button.

An explainer video ad should be no more than 30 seconds. That’s not much time. You want to be specific with your marketing.

What do you talk about in your explainer? How your product or service helps your customer.

Think about what problem it solves and talk about that. Don’t go on about specifications. Remind your customer why they need you or your product.

Use traditional ads to land potential leads at a ” webinar.” Make them feel like they’re getting exclusive content by giving you their email and watching an exclusive video about your product.

Again, this should use the same tactics as above. Tell you customer why they need you or your product. How does it solve their problems?

3. Close the Trap With Video

Think about how customers finalize their decision. Often they have questions. One of the most useful sections of any B2B site is the FAQ page.

Instead of just answering questions through text, create a short video answering each question. This gives a face to the answer. And you can highlight various aspects of the product or service at the same time.

On your secondary landing pages, include testimonials. But be careful with these. Customers are good at smelling B.S. If you don’t have legitimate testimonials from satisfied customers, don’t make something up.

Give Satisfied Customers Something to Share

Marketers forget about the after effects of their funnel. You need to keep them falling into your funnel. What better way than word of mouth?

If you’ve wowed your customers with your service or product, ask them to share video with their friends. If you have a compelling bit of content you can share, their friends are most likely going to check out your product or service.

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