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Making money online is the dream of millions but only 5% of them are making handsome amount of money sitting in their favorite places, rest of the people are struggling and fighting to earn cents. Do you know the main difference between these 2 types of people? It’s “Traffic”, I am not talking about the traffic of road but the traffic of website which can also be referred as visitor.

If you have traffic you can turn that into revenue in one or other way but having the right amount of traffic from right sources is the biggest obstacle in front of an online professional, blogger or affiliate marketer.

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This is an UngAds ad network review article where you will be knowing making money either by selling traffic or by getting untapped traffic from exclusive sources. In case you want to sell traffic you must have a blog or website to run ads on that; on the other hand, if you are ready with your products and landing pages then traffic is the only thing that will start generating money for you.

UngAds review for Publishers

There are tons of ad networks on the web that are buying and selling Billions of traffic every single day. Among those thousands of ad networks which one fits to your site? Didn’t this question hit your mind? If Yes, then seems you are pretty thoughtful and serious about blogging or running websites for making money. So, let me tell you some factors that you must look up before signing up into any ad network and why UngAds could be your next companion in the journey of making money from your traffic.

To get the best out of your traffic you must do research on what type advertisers do an ad network has and how much are they spending. You can simply do it by looking at their list of categories or advertiser’s list on their site. Keep in mind that, your ad network must have good amount of advertisers that are investing for traffic in the same niche or topic as yours. UngAds is pretty active in Games, Software downloads, Mobile apps, Dating etc niche which is clearly mentioned on it’s site. So, if you have any games, software or movie download related site or bog then UngAds can be blessing for you.


Apart from that, you also need to check the type of ads that will suit to your site and will not annoy your readers or visitors. Here goes some amazing information about UngAds which might help you to know this AMAZING  CPM based ad network from inside and make your decision making process faster to get started with this ad network.

Ads Type: 

No matter whether your most of the traffic is from desktop computer or mobile, UngAds has equal support for both. You can use Popunder, classic banners, mobile push up, interstitial and even direct link as your way to monetize your site’s traffic

Payment methods: 

Ungads accepts several popular payment gateways such as ePayments, PayPal, Credit card and WireTransfer. Among these Paypal is definitely my favorite way to get the payment.

Setting up with UngAds takes only 2 minutes, after your instant registration just add your domains and get the code from your dashboard. Put that code on your site and your money making machine will turn ON. Remember, as UngAds is mainly a CPM based ad network; the more traffic your get the more money you will make. Apart from that, it also supports CPA and CPC model depending on the campaign of ads provider.

UngAds review for Advertisers

Advertisers are the other part of the Ad network without which no ad network can survive. In case of advertisers I have a lot to say because UngAds itself providing more emphasize on the advertisers as it already has 500K+ publishers as mentioned on it’s site.

World class tracking software, huge reach of more than 190 countries, strong fraud protection system and advanced targeting option made UngAds pretty favorite of thousands of advertisers around the world. 


On the top of that, it’s simple and easy to handle dashboard will surely fall you in love with it within minutes. With the help of it’s clean and simple dashboard creating your campaigns is a lot more easier than you can think of. 

UngAds has it’s main focus on some selected niches like Games, Finance, Dating, Software, Mobile apps, Gambling etc. If you are familiar with CPA marketing then surely you know how valuable these niches are. Making tons of money from CPA networks using the traffic of UngAds is just one step away from you.

Targeting is the most important issues of any ad network, the more optimization options you get in terms of targeting, the more targeted traffic you can drive as an advertiser. In order to make your task easier UngAds has massive options to optimize your targeting such as GEO location, Device type, Connection type, Mobile carrier, Operating system, Day of the week, Browser, Category, Language, Ads frequency and so more. 

With this massive system you surely know that something big can be possible with UngAds. So, go for your new traffic companion and try out what can be possible with these untapped traffic of UngAds.

Surely, most of the network has a period of popularity due to highly targeted traffic. UngAds is still away from several big marketers and hence it’s your golden time to try out it’s traffic before this network gets blasted with advertisers. On the other hand, if you want to make money by showing ads on your site make sure your site is related to a topic that UngAds focuses on. Only then you can make most out of your traffic.

Let me know your experience with UngAds via comment section and if you still have any question or confusion I will be glad to answer it.  

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