Top 7 Affiliate Programs For Internet Marketers

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Few businesses opportunities provide the lifestyle benefits of affiliate marketing

The ability to work from anywhere for only a few hours a week is unrivaled. 

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For those searching for supplemental or replacement income, discover the best affiliate programs that can make this dream a reality. 

The Seven Best Affiliate Programs For New Internet Marketers

Affiliate marketing is one of the largest business opportunities in the world.

Furthermore one of the easiest ways to get started with making money online. 

In fact, many of today’s big-named entrepreneurs got their start, and made a fortune, in affiliate marketing.

Yet, with all the success that comes from it, it’s still a relatively unknown industry, with many people only associating it with shady internet ads and web page banners.

Quick Summary of How it Works

If you’re new to the concept of affiliate marketing, here’s a quick summary of how it works in general. A company sells a product.

They may currently advertise their product but want to be able to reach more people.

Rather than purchasing more advertising, they create an affiliate program where other individuals can promote their products for them.

With each sale that these individuals generate, the company pays them a set commission amount.

“Affiliate Marketing” Referring to E-commerce

While the title “affiliate marketing” is used when referring to e-commerce, the concept is often used offline as well. 

Rather than hiring full-time sales staff, some companies take advantage of “affiliates” to help boost their sales.

All parties involved in this concept win because the producer makes more sale. As well as consumers get access to products they may not have been aware of. Moreover affiliate makes income from the comfort of his or her own home.

Best Affiliate Programs

What makes the online affiliate marketing paradigm more attractive is that its barrier to entry is low and it’s not time or resource-intensive.

You can literally get started with affiliate marketing with less than $50 and make money working less than an hour a day from anywhere in the world. 

If you already have a website or an email list, then you may be able to get started for free.

If you own a blog, getting started with affiliate marketing could be as simple as putting up a banner ad on your website.

Particularly, for a company that sells a product related to the content on your page. 

With it being so easy to get started, there’s no reason why you too can’t become a high-earning affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Marketing Techniques

As basic as that sounds, the truth is affiliate marketing is much more than what most people understand it to be.

Having people click an ad on a website is only one of several affiliate marketing techniques that have been proven to be highly successful over the years. 

With the expansion of the internet and the prowess of social media. Consequently, there are numerous ways to make money as an affiliate marketer without solely relying on website banners. 

These include emails, YouTube videos, social media posts, web search ads and more.

 Most Popular Affiliate Program Payment Methods

Before getting to the list of best affiliate programs. Let’s take a quick look at the payout methods that companies use to pay marketers who participate in their programs. 

Companies with affiliate programs generally use three methods for paying commissions to marketers. 

How you get paid will have an impact on how you market.

Before you sign up for a program, be sure to know which of these methods it uses. 


Pay-per-click, or pay-per-visitor, is a popular affiliate arrangement where the company pays the marketer for every person who clicks over to their website to view their service or product.

Even if the person ends up not making a purchase, the company agrees to pay commissions.

Granted that the person stays on the website for a specified period of time. In that case is usually part of the affiliate agreement between the company and the marketer.


Pay-per-sale is the most popular affiliate arrangement and may be the most straightforward.

It follows the simple logic that the company will pay commissions to a marketer if a customer follows a link provided by the marketer to make a purchase of a product on the company’s website.

In some cases, the company will only pay commissions if the customer purchases the exact product that the marketer was advertising. In other cases, they’ll pay commissions if the customer buys any product from the company’s website.


Pay-per-lead is an arrangement where the marketer receives payment if a customer signs up as a lead on the company’s website.

This works in instances where the company is not selling a product directly on its website but instead are capturing individuals’ contact information for follow-up at a later time.

Companies selling high-end products or services often use this arrangement as their sales cycle. Moreover, requires that they provide more information to potential customers than what can be included on a web page. 

Lawyers and real estate agents are examples of companies that tend to use pay-per-lead payment arrangements.

The Seven Best Affiliate Program

Now that you know how you can make money from affiliate marketing, here is our list of the seven best affiliate programs.

Some of the entries on this list are individual companies, while others are affiliate networks that serve as middlemen between the companies and potential marketers.

 Note that the order of this list does not denote any sort of ranking.

Amazon Associates

Whether you’re a blogger or an SEO expert, Amazon Associates makes it easy for you to make money.

What makes it one of the top affiliate programs is the fact that Amazon gives you access to a large number of categories. 

Whereas some programs are limited to specific niches. Amazon Associates allows you to make money as an affiliate on items ranging from books to baby clothes. 

Also, Amazon is really good at converting visitors, and since it seems like everyone shops on Amazon. Nevertheless, it’s a great opportunity for affiliate marketers to point people to such a reputable marketplace.

EBay Partner Network

Similar to Amazon Associates, the eBay Partner Network is also an easy way to start making money as an affiliate marketer.

It’s been around for a really long time, and because of eBay’s huge reach and positive reputation. Consequently, consumers continue to shop on eBay. Therefore, marketers continue to make good money with this program.


If you’re not already in the internet marketing space, you most likely have never heard of Clickbank.

The reason for this is because it deals primarily with digital products such as e-books and online programs.

However, even with the lack of popularity among non-internet marketers. Clickbank is an extremely successful affiliate network and was one of the very first programs of its kind on the internet. 

Some will question the quality of products on Clickbank, but given the number of companies and marketers using the platform. Therefore, it deserves consideration as one of the top affiliate programs.

Rakuten Linkshare

Rakuten Linkshare is one of the largest and oldest affiliate programs around, and it continues to grow.

It allows marketers the opportunity to partner with a variety of companies.

This can range from large corporations, such as Foot Locker with smaller commission amounts, to lesser-known organizations that pay larger commissions.

Rakuten Linkshare works slightly differently than other affiliate networks in that it allows its partner companies to screen potential affiliates prior to accepting their application.

That way, each company can have control over their brand and who they allow to market it.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction, also known as CJ, is a large affiliate network that gives marketers access to over 3,000 merchant partners with millions of products to choose from.

You can choose to advertise products ranging from beauty products to health and wellness to electronics.

Since it’s one of the oldest and strongest-performing affiliate programs, CJ is home to many companies and advertisers.

Brands like Bowflex and Fitbit partner with Commission Junction to find advertisers.


The retail juggernaut, Walmart, also has an affiliate program.

Although its commissions aren’t as high as other programs, you can expect to make more sales because of its wide range of products and popularity.

In fact, Walmart is so big and popular that if you only chose to serve as an affiliate for its toy category, which happens to pay out the highest commissions, you would have the opportunity to make a lot of money.


If you’re looking for an alternative to Amazon Associates, Target is one of the best options. Although it’s not as big as Amazon, Target still provides a large enough range of products to satisfy just about every niche.

Target uses a volume-based commission structure, meaning that you get paid more if you sell more.

This is obviously a great incentive over other programs that offer the same pay regardless of the number sold.


Affiliate marketing is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is looking for another revenue stream or those looking to replace their current income.

Many individuals have found enough success through affiliate programs to quit their jobs and do what they love on a daily basis.

However, not all of these programs will be a match for everyone. 

If you’re ready to pursue an affiliate partnership, take the time to determine which product categories interest you the most and do your own research to determine which company provides the opportunity that best aligns with your goals.

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