Top 10 Tips for Magento SEO to Rank Your eCommerce Site

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Ever since its 2008 launch, Magento has greatly developed from niche e-commerce platform into a trendy content management system. As more than 200,000 online stores are utilizing Magento, picking this platform for your e-commerce project is a brilliant choice. Magento is extremely easy to customize and set up for the finest SEO. I’ve mentioned here 10 interesting Magento SEO optimization tips to assist you produce more traffic for your online store and also rank it higher.

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#1. Full focus on website quality

Google mainly looks into the quality of your website. It focuses whether your site is crafting the best experience and assisting users to find out what they are searching for. While judging your site, Google utilizes numerous metrics including bounce rate, loading time. You should also focus on these things to grab more visitors to your site. You should also pay heed to superb content, navigation, website design, speech, and usability.

#2. Excellent and relevant content

Your content should be approximately 500 words or may be more along with niche words added. It should be very creative, helpful, and relevant information that should catch the attention of the readers. Valuable and unique content makes your web page be the first choice and ranks it higher.

#3. Select niche keyword

Niche keywords are the phrases you would like to rank for better. You can use keyword tools such as free Google Keyword Planner, Soovle, Ubersuggest, and Google Trends where you can acquire many keyword suggestions in large volume. You should attempt to figure out keywords along with lower competition.

#4. Use keyword in post titles

You should keep in mind that you should place a keyword for each post as it is compulsory. It is the right choice to use your ideal keyword in your post title for the reason that the title demonstrates search engine as well as visitor what your post content is actually.

#5. Optimization of keywords

Another important thing not to forget is the inclusion of keywords in the content body. The readers can read your content naturally; so optimization of keywords is necessary. If the keywords in your web page are ‘over-optimized’, you may drop rankings automatically.

#6. Optimize the images

As speed is a vital factor for ranking, you should optimize the images that are to be uploaded on your site. You should never add big size images because your site would load slowly. Your image should be less than 100kb. Image Alt Text is also one of the essential factors for image optimization as Google utilizes it to spot what your post is related to.

#7. Meta description

Meta description is equally important that should be limited within 156 characters only. It should be described to boost the users or the searchers to select your post, and it even profits your SEO. Along with the post title, Google even utilizes Meta description to comprehend your content

#8. Permalinks

URL link conveys the search engine as well as visitors what the web article informs. Thus you should add your keywords in the URL. But at the same time you should ensure to keep your URL precise, clear and short

#9. Internal Link

Firstly internal link leads your visitors from one page to other web pages on your website; thus it is important for your site so that they can spend more time on it. It is also fine for SEO and Magento SEO in specific. Secondly, when a visitor clicks on an internal link, it will lower the bounce rate of your website. Thirdly, anchor text along with internal link even assists Google to value your content.

#10. Insert a blog to your Magento store

Maintaining your site updated with regular, fresh, and interesting content is an excellent strategy to create higher traffic, and the best way to execute this is to add blogs. Thus you should update unique contents to aware Google regarding your site developments and also to acquire worthy Magento SEO improvement.

Top 10 Tips for Magento SEO to Rank Your eCommerce Site
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Other tips for higher ranking can be to use header H1 tags which are valuable to optimize on the web page, and also to optimize the Offpage Magento SEO where you require fabricating links to your store through distinct platforms. It would be best to run social promotions that offer special discounts for the people who like your page or tweet it.

Hence, you can put into use the above tips for Magento SEO optimization for better ranking of your eCommerce site.

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