TeslaThemes Vs Themeisle: Ultimate WP Themes Club Battle

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So you want to know which one among TeslaThemes and Themeisle is the best WP themes club, don’t you?

Here in this article, I will compare both the theme marketplaces side-by-side so that at the end of the day, you can find out which one is perfect to make your WordPress blog neatly designed.

Without blabbering much, let’s just get into the real meat of this post.

TeslaThemes Vs Themeisle

I have divided this article into several sections based on the criteria of the comparison. At the end of each section, you will get to know who the winner is either TeslaThemes or Themeisle.

#1. Freedom of Choice and Documentation

If you ever tried to find out a theme for your blog, you know how tedious it is. We keep on looking for themes over and over again simply because there will be even a subtle drawback in everything we come across. And sometimes, it may take some months to get the perfect one.

So, the freedom of choice is a mandatory criterion for a theme club to be my go-to place. I need to browse through theme after theme to check whether how many navigation menus it has got, what the possible color schemes are and how many footer columns it possesses.

Sadly, Themeisle accepts failure in this regard because they have slightly above 15 themes (premium) to choose. But TeslaThemes have got more than 50 themes on browsing through which you will get the right theme for sure.

The online documentations for installing the themes and making the same functional with initial tweaks are given on both the sites without making the visitors uncomfortable. So it’s a tie here.

Winner: – TeslaThemes

#2. Regular Updates and Number of Supported Domains

WordPress is keen in rolling out updates more often than not. And, guess what? Plugin and theme developers should update their product as well for making them compatible with the latest WP version.

That’s how the frequency of theme updates took a significant place in this comparison. It was quite surprising to see Themeisle is not interested in delivering scheduled updates regularly as they have no fixed time for it whereas TeslaThemes rose up to my expectation with their regular weekly updates.

The majority of bloggers have multiple sites that once they find a good theme, they may want to use the same on more than one blogs. Hence, the number of domains on which a theme can be used is essential.

Themeisle’s multiple domain support varies from theme to them according to the price point. But for every single theme on TeslaThemes, you will get unlimited domain support.

So obviously,

Winner: – TeslaThemes

#3. Premium Plugins and Free Themes

We not only purchase premium themes but shed bucks for spectacular premium plugins as well. Themeisle doesn’t allow you to look elsewhere for functional premium plugins as they are selling the same too. But when it comes to TeslaThemes, premium plugins can never be traceable on their site.

For a blogger who is just starting out, a premium theme may be out of his reach as he has zero investment. On such an occasion, one is forced to go with the free themes. Truth be told, very few of the uncountable themes available on the web are worth our time and effort. The real pain lies in finding which are worthy and which are not! Themeisle eases your task by giving you about 20 free themes to go with.

Winner: – Themeisle

#4. Design and Customization

No one likes to have a clumsy, dark and fancy design for his or her blog. Instead, we need a clean, elegant and feature- rich themes to make every newcomer a regular visitor. Both Teslathemes and Themeisle developers have taken extra care to come up with a lot of out-of-the-box themes. And, both the market places win here.

Now, say you want to inject a subscription form below the navigation bar and above the recent posts archive on your homepage. You don’t want to use any third-party plugin thereby, increase the site load speed. What you want to do is insert a small snippet of code into the theme so that it can show a form flawlessly.

The above situation may become a hindrance to taking your blog to next level especially if you don’t know coding. But this case no longer haunts a TeslaThemes customer for they offer a free one-hour theme customization. Themeisle disappoints you in this section even if it’s a popular theme club.

TeslaThemes even provides you with HTML templates of the themes you purchase; an area that Themeisle fails again.

A test dashboard is available for each theme on both the marketplaces to check how it works.


Google has been considering mobile friendliness as a ranking factor for quite a while now. That’s why every webmaster needs his website to be responsive. Themeisle and TeslaThemes sell responsive themes only so that screen size won’t matter for your visitors.

Winner: – TeslaThemes

#5. Price [Most Important Factor]

The price of the themes is another factor that determines our purchase decision, isn’t it?

If you take the pricing for individual themes, you will find hardly any difference. But the real distinction lies in the access to all themes and lifetime package.

Themeisle gives you access to all their existing themes (20+) with basic support for $99. On the other hand, TeslaThemes charges only $59 per year to give you access to their 56+ premium plugins with technical and priority supports. You will also get at least 18 new themes every year.

Taking the lifetime package into consideration, you will cost $249 for all the Themeisle themes with unlimited domain support, lifetime updates, priority support and access to their new themes. Teslathemes charges only $199 with all the Themeisle features plus, availability of PSD and HTML versions of the themes.

Winner: – TeslaThemes

#6. Money back Policy

In case you don’t like any of the themes of Themeisle or TeslaThemes, you can request a refund as both the sites have a money back policy but different.

If your purchase has aged more than 14 days then TeslaThemes will not be refund your money. But Themeisle will send your money back as soon as you request a refund within 30 days.

The longer the money back policy period, the better the chance to test the themes.

Winner: – Themeisle

#7. Affiliate Friendliness

As I am a blogger myself, I analyzed their affiliate programs closely to find out which is the best to promote. The following are the results of my analysis.


Affiliate Commissions

The prices for individual themes on both the marketplaces are more or less the same. But chances are you will get higher revenue from Themeisle affiliate program than from TeslaThemes’ because the former offer 55% commission while the latter does only 50%.

Winner: – Themeisle

Second Tier Lifetime Commission

The second tire in affiliate marketing means your referrals. The second tire commission indicates the money you get from the sales your referrals make by promoting the product.

No such second tire commission options are available for Themeisle affiliates. And, every TeslaThemes affiliate gets a lifetime 15% second tire lifetime affiliate commission (Truly passive money, huh?).

Winner: – TeslaThemes

Coupon Site Support

Do you want to start WordPress themes’ coupon site? Better you stay away from Themeisle affiliate program because they will terminate your account if they find out you promote their product on such a website. It’s against their affiliate policy.

No such issues with TeslaThemes affiliate program. You can promote their product on every legitimate place.

Winner: – TeslaThemes

Return Cookie

Cookies are the text files that websites leave in browsers to ease your next visit to a particular website. Affiliate programs make use of cookies to maximize the revenue of affiliates. Means, once an affiliate cookie is injected into a browser, you will get the commission whenever that particular product is bought from the same browser within the cookie expiration period no matter the visitor clicks on your affiliate link the second time or not.

The return cookie of TeslaThemes expires within three months whereas a whole year is the lifetime of a Themeisle cookie.

Winner: – Themeisle

Minimum Threshold

A vast majority of affiliate programs have a minimum payout to release the payment (for example, $50 is the Shareasale minimum payout). It has a disadvantage that you can’t get the payment even in urgencies despite having one penny short of the threshold.

For Themeisle affiliate program, you need to have at least $100 to request the payment. But look at Teslathemes. You can get even a dollar into your account as there is no minimum threshold barrier.

Winner: – TeslaThemes

On the basis of the five features given above, you can clearly see that TeslaThemes affiliate program is the friendliest to bloggers.

Which one did You Choose?

I have given you the freedom to choose from these two WordPress theme clubs. Tell me in the comment section below about your pick.

If you ask me, I will go with the result of this factual comparison. You have just read that out of the seven criteria we considered, Themeisle topped in only two. That means TeslaThemes is way ahead of it.

So my pick is Teslathemes only.

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