Starting your own Business? Why being Eco-Friendly is Vital

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So you’ve made the decision to strike out and start your own business. Congratulations! While there is lots to think about, such as your business plan, finances and logistics, one thing that is also important is to work in an eco-friendly way.

eco-friendly business

Read on to find out why being eco-friendly is vital, and how you can implement strategies that help the environment and your business to thrive.

What is an Eco-Friendly Business?

Creating an eco-friendly business means working in such a way to have no or little negative effects on the environment. With environmental issues being a cause for concern, it is up to all businesses to do their bit to help bring about a positive change.

Practical Ways to be Eco-Friendly

  • Recycle – all businesses produce waste, even if you are running a solo enterprise where you work in your pajamas. Your business will produce paper and plastic waste, and perhaps other materials depending on your business niche. For a small business, one of the easiest ways to recycle is to use a shredder. This makes light work of storing paper and card that will be sent for recycling. It might also be useful to use compaction machinery or a baler, depending on how much waste material you produce. Waste machinery can be used for any size business, and make recycling more efficient. Websites such as are one example of a waste machinery supplier that suits any budget.
  • Green Energy – have you ever considered using green energy to power your home office or business premises? There are green energy providers that you can choose to supply energy, or if you have money to invest, solar panels are quick to install and provide an efficient way to power electricals.
  • Reduce Water Usage – only using the water that you need can help reduce the effect that your business has on the local environment. It means that you are using less water that has been treated and pumped to your area, lowering the energy your business uses. If you are on a water meter where you pay for the amount of water you use, you will also save money on your bill. Conserve water by re-using grey water for other applications, such as watering the plants in your office. Encourage staff to fill the office dishwasher, rather than washing cups under a running tap.

Running your business in an eco-friendly way not only helps you boost your reputation as a business that cares about the environment, but reducing energy and recycling can lower your business running costs and save money. 

As a society, we are more aware of our own effects on the environment, and that is why many now choose to buy from companies that are serious about doing their bit to help. As environmental issues are something that is going to be at the forefront of debate for many years to come, being an eco-friendly business is vital. Not only can you really make a difference, but your business will attract a new base of customers that will help it to grow.

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