Shared vs VPS Hosting: Which one Worth your Money and Why?

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Shared vs VPS Hosting

No matter what type of online business or blog you are going to start, web hosting is must to get live in front of the whole world. Hence, web hosting server plays the most crucial roll when it comes to deliver lightening fast website to our customers or readers. I personally do use web servers of 3-5 different service providers at the same time due to different reasons like testing projects, separating my future sites, clients projects and so on. This is pretty important to know which type of server do you need to buy for your online business or blog specially when it’s the first time you are buying hosting plan.

This is where this article comes in, I tried my best to explain the difference between shared hosting and VPS hosting within this article. Let’s dive inside the shared vs VPS hosting battle and decide which type of server you should start with and why.

What is shared hosting?

It’s name is clearly reflecting that you have to share the server with others! Shared hosting is the most common and popular type of web hosting server that are used around the world mostly due to it’s availability and affordable price. You can consider shared hosting just as sharing your apartment with others with the same address and resource. I mostly buy shared hosting in order to avoid the hassle of setting up ad-dons for different purpose like backup, IP address, 3rd party tool integration, cPanel etc. Usually shared hosting comes with all the basic needs, however you must go through in depth web hosting review before buying any server package. In case you want to know, this blog is hosted on a shared hosting plan of A2Hosting for last 2 years. Below I mentioned the Pros and Cons of having Shared hosting.


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    Affordable and Available 

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    Very easy to use

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    Free 3rd party tool integration 


  • Limited resources

  • Shared IP

  • Downtime due to huge traffic

What is VPS hosting?

VPS refers to Virtual Private Server, which simply means your own private hosting space where no other site will be hosted except yours. You can consider VPS hosting as your own private apartment which has unique address for you and all the resources will be used only by you. This type of server has much advantages over the shared server such as having unique IP address, having dedicated resources and so on. However, these extra privileges have their own price which is worthy if you are going for eCommerce site or heavy designed site that may have huge rush of traffic. All the VPS hostings come with pretty high limit of monthly bandwidth such as 200GB, 500GB, 1TB, 4TB and so on. 

Generally there are two types of VPS hosting which are Managed and Non-Managed. Core difference between these two types of VPS is; Managed VPS comes with OS, cPanel and other necessary stuffs installed by default and vice-versa for the Non-Managed hosting where you need to have some advanced server setup skills to proceed on. Have a quick glance at the Pros and Cons of having your own VPS server. 


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    Unique and dedicated IP 

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    Dedicated resources

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    Ease of Customization


  • Expensive

  • Easy to track sites within same server.

  • Hassle of adding ads-on

Core Differences between Shared hosting and VPS hosting:

As you may know that both Shared hosting and VPS hosting are same in terms of hardware but got into different type based on virtual partition and space sharing. Let’s compare shared and VPS hosting with an apartment just as before; in case of Shared hosting you are sharing your apartment with others to save you expense and use commonly available stuffs, on the other VPS refers to having your own separated apartment where you can customize everything based on your need. I think, this is one of the most easiest way to describe the difference between shared and VPS hosting.

Which one you should choose and why?

Now, which type of server you should go with for your website or blog? It’s completely depends on your need and future plan. Let game give you some real life examples with the solution.

If you are a Photographer and want to have you own site or blog to showcase your works, then go for shared hosting because you may not need very high amount of resource for this type of site.

On the other hand, if you are going to start your own eCommerce store, I highly recommend you to go for VPS hosting because you must need dedicated IP and resources to hold huge amount of products, images, web contents, traffic and so on.

These are just two most common examples, however you can decide which one to choose based on your need. However, if you are beginner then start with Shared hosting as it has all the necessary stuffs installed by default.

Did I miss any important point that must be mentioned above? Let me know via comment section. Apart form that, I would love to know your both good and bad experience with any hosting service provider so that me as well as other readers can learn from your experience.

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