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The Social Media world has reduced the gap between companies and consumers. Now, you can reach out to the global audience using your smartphones and computer.

However, most of the small businesses who aspire to make a mark in the online world often complain about the lack of time to properly promote their business on various social media platforms.

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Nowadays, with the availability of various social media management tools, it has become extremely easy to manage and promote your business online.

Apparently, there are a plethora of social media management tools available that helps you to promote your business on various platforms without any hiccup.

One demanding tool we have in our own arsenal of social media tools is Statusbrew, a unified social media management tool to create and schedule content while also helping you to grow your audience on various social media platforms.

Statusbrew is an efficient tool for managing social media accounts.[1] This tool can be integrated with almost all primary social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Google+.

Now, if you are assuming that how Statusbrew is helpful for Small Businesses then go through its key features.


Statusbrew’s publish section proves immensely benevolent for small businesses. It greatly saves your time & efforts in managing various social media accounts. With Publish, you can schedule your posts on different social media channels for weeks and months without any problem all within a couple of minutes.

Statusbrew Publish Section is primarily divided into three parts

Create Post: The create post feature helps you to create and post your content on all social media channels instantly. Now you need not to go to all social media platforms individually to post the content. With Statusbrew, you can schedule your posts on various social media channels in no time. Moreover, the CSV upload feature helps you to pre-schedule all your posts on different social media channels in bulk. The bulk upload lets you schedule multiple posts in a week or even for months on all social media channels.

Planner: The planner lets you review all of your posts scheduled for various social media channels for upcoming days or weeks. Moreover, all the scheduled posts can be sorted according to various social media channels. You can edit or delete a scheduled post from planner section.

Content Recycler: The content recycler feature helps you to share your best performing content again and again on various social media channels to generate more traffic and leads.

Category: You can create a category and choose the time on various days of the week when you want your post to get published on different social media accounts. Once done, it will queue your content on various social media channels according to the times in the category.


If you want to succeed on Social Media, then it is critical to growing your fan base or audience on different social media channels. This will help you reach out to the maximum audience.

Statusbrew’s Audience feature will help you to grow your audience on Twitter. Using the audience features, you can monitor your audience follow influencers of your niche and clean your account by unfollowing insignificant people. The filter option available in the Audience section that will help you to determine your criterias for following and unfollowing people.

Moreover, the growing feature will help you to find the influencer and trending topics on Twitter that will help you to increase your traffic and conversion.

Manage: With manage feature, you can discover who followed and unfollowed you. Moreover, using filter option, you can effectively follow, unfollow people on Twitter. You can also keep an eye on mutual Mutual Follow Back, Not Following Back and perform follow/unfollow actions easily and send DMs to your New Followers.

Grow: This is an effective feature that will help you in growing your audience on twitter. Using grow section, you can find influencer of your niche who are tweeting about a particular keyword.

Source: The source feature let you know the followers of your competitor. Using this feature, you can monitor your competitor followers, following. Moreover, this feature also shows you mutual followers and people who are following your competitor but not you. With the help of source, you can copy the followers of your competitor. This is a premium feature, to use this feature take a free demo of the source.


Statusbrew offers you a detailed report on how your posts are performing on various social media channels at a dashboard. You can see how many likes, comments and share your posts are receiving on various social media channels from different demographics. This will give you an insight that which posts are performing well and whether your social media efforts are going in the right direction or not.

The reporting section offers you separate reports on various social media platforms. For example, if you want to evaluate that how your posts are performing on Facebook only, then it is possible. You can get the detailed report for each channel.

Reporting is divided into three sections.

Audience: This section provides a detailed demographic insights of various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. It gives you an insight of a number of followers, unfollowers, mutual follow back etc. with graphic representation.

Engagement: This section informs that how well your content is performing on various social media accounts. Having a look at engagement, you can get an idea that which type of content is performing well with your audience. This information can help you revise your strategy to generate more leads and conversions from social media.

Content: This section informs you that how your content is received by the audience. You can find your best performing content here.

Statusbrew team management feature is an excellent feature for small businesses. With team management feature, you can allocate the different roles to different team members. Being the owner, you can assign various roles to your team and assign them different tasks ranging from Publishing to Audience Management to Reporting as discussed above.

If you are running a business and confronting issues in managing your social media accounts, then give Statusbrew a try! Take a detailed demo with the team Statusbrew using this link. Or watch their webinars for Publishing and Audience.

We don’t need to brag about our product. Instead we can say that Statusbrew is customized for Businesses

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