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You’ve graded those last exams, the kids are burning them in the trash cans outside and the bell rings. It’s Christmas break and you had planned on tackling that home remodel. But Christmas gifts and travel plans drained your bank account.

How are you going to get that bathroom done? How are you going to replace those windows?

Here are a few side gigs you could take on over break and even keep while you do your day job.

1. Be a Handyman

There are only 24 hours in a day. That seems like a fluff statement, but it’s woefully true. If you own a house or property, the yard work might get in the way of doing the things you love.

Plenty of people feel this way. In fact, people feel happier when they hire others to do their housework. (Hint: this is how you market yourself to people for this gig).

The amazing thing about the internet today is that you don’t have to go around dropping off flyers or spending a bunch on physical advertising to get a gig. You simply need to visit places like and to get gigs.

2. Paint Houses

I remember the first time I realized teachers made less than everyone else. I was in high school and my Cross Country coach and Spanish teacher told me he was painting houses during the summer. I asked him “why?” He looked at me oddly and then said, “I only get paid for the month I teach.”

It was then I realized teachers had to work other jobs to make ends meet. And one such job that could make you more than ends meet is painting. Not canvases (unless you’re Rembrandt) but houses.

All you need are some rollers, buckets, scaffolding, paint, and maybe a hand or two. Again, use the internet to find clients. Local neighborhood social media apps are great places to find people and advertise. And there’s always craigslist!

3. Microjobs

Thank Steve Jobs! The internet is a money haven. And it facilitates smaller and smaller gigs every year.

What do I mean by smaller gigs? Anything you might spend less than an hour doing. Think 300-word blog posts or simple sketches or illustrations.

Fiverr is a great place to advertise your micro-gig expertise. Also, if you’re a code monkey, you can pick up microjobs at Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. These are usually small tasks large corporations need to outsource but don’t have the staff to complete.

While eventually, robots will take over these tasks, humans will be completing them until they do. Take advantage and make that microcash!

4. User Testing

I seriously just signed up for this gig myself! It looks too good to be true but it isn’t.

Simply put in your email on, fill out the application, and go! They pay $10 per test and each test should take about 20 minutes.

They send you a website to test and instructions. You record your actions and talk through what you’re doing. That’s it. Easy money.

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