Marketing Strategies to Accelerate Your Online Presence

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Let me guess. You’re one of the 78% who are dissatisfied with their conversion rates?

You feel like you’re shouting into the void. Your landing pages are getting some traffic, but you’re seeing no results.

I’m sorry, that must suck. But you know there are answers. They’re right under your nose.

Here are some marketing strategies that will boost your online presence. Let’s get cracking.

Optimize for Voice Search

“Ok, Google.” You yell at your phone which is halfway across the room from you. “How many licks does it take to get the center of a Tootsie Pop?”

Voice is the new keyboard. And while it’s still at the “how quaint” stage, it’s growing in popularity. 25% of searchers say voice is their first choice method. And that’s up from last year.

Even small business SEO can be used to optimize for this. It’s just a matter of changing your perspective a little.

How do you do that? Simple.

Structured data on your site can be useful. Sit down and think about what kinds of questions your customers might ask in relation to your product, especially questions they might have while wanting to be hands-free. Now structure your content around answering those questions.

Keep your content up to date with current trends. And be sure to make it easier to read. You want voice search to pick up a juicy tidbit from your content and boost it.

Be sure to work on your online reviews. Sometimes voice search will come up with reviews and you want to be at the top.

Make Vertical Videos

As a student of film, this makes me cringe. The vertical phone screen should never be the aspect ratio of choice for great video.

But marketing isn’t art. It’s pseudo-science. You need to cater to what the audience needs.

We already know that video is the most-consumed content on the web. But few people watch video on a computer screen now. They’re on their phones and tablets.

This means that 90% of people are holding a rectangular screen and they won’t be bothered to turn it sideways to watch your video. That’s too much work.

So, when you film for marketing, you should film with a vertical aspect ratio in mind. Even if you use a nice DSLR to film with, you’ll want to frame the shot using a vertical aspect ratio.

One trick I learned from the Vine era was to tape 3×5 cards over your view screen to help frame your shot. Then you can cut out the extraneous shot in the editor.

Personalize That Content

You may think that personalization is for larger companies. Companies like Netflix can gather a ton of data on you. They can afford it.

But how does a smaller business personalize their content and buying experience?

Create an account system.

Even if you haven’t productized your services, you can still create an account system on your site. Offer special “back-end” content for those who sign up.

This does two things: it gives you a reason to ask for more info. It allows you to personalize their experience next time they’re on your site.

Pair this with a chatbot who can call the customer or lead by name. Your lead will feel uncannily welcome.

Get creative with your marketing. You’ll quickly find out there are more ways to boost your online presence.

If you’re looking for more marketing advice, check out Shoeintology.

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