Is Jewelry an Investment: Myth or Reality?

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When it comes to investing in jewelry, many people wonder if it is truly worth it. Rappers have a history of loading up on it. This is because if they are arrested, their jewels cannot be seized as assets. Once they get out of jail, officers have to give the articles on their person back.

The regular person will have a dilemma on their hands when it comes to jewelry. They might think that they have to wait until they have a partner to buy them jewelry. Or they might just have to have something other than costume jewelry. This might be because they feel cheap without tasteful duds.

Whatever a person feels about jewelry, it is still always a worthy investment if you value it. Some women simply do not care. Others feel it is part of their identity. In this case, they should invest even if they don’t have a partner. No one should deprive themselves just because they are single.

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Worthwhile Collections

Jewelry can become worth more over time. It rarely depreciates in value. When purchasing various fine jewelry pieces, always keep a receipt. The receipt will help if you ever need to get the pieces assessed. It helps to start a base estimate as to the worth of each item.

The Dana Rebecca Designs on this site are classic. The Rubellite And Diamond Earrings are literally one of a kind, as labeled on the site. It is definitely a good idea to stock up on designers such as Dana Rebecca because the collections are new. Dana Rebecca aims to make them affordable. Later, as her brand matures, the prices may go up.

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Finding a Balance

On Dana Rebecca’s Instagram at, she makes her jewelry look like everyday wear. Given the price point of the pieces however, they should be considered an investment rather than something you wear day in, day out. With such investments, you will want to make sure that you care for the jewels properly. This article on Glamour has some easy tips on how to take care of your investments.

Ultimately, it will be up to you how expensive you want to make your collection. Most women don’t want to go over $20 000 to $50 000. With that said, make sure that you get insurance on your jewelry and take pictures of the jewelry, as well as the receipts. Insurance should cover theft as well as property damage due to disasters such as a fire.

Kim Kardashian learned the hard way that dripping in diamonds every day can lead to disastrous results. There is certainly a balance between flaunting your money and conserving it in less portable investments. With that said, jewelry is an investment that is bound to pay off in the long run, if not just for the joy of standing out from the crowd.

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