Interesting News About Google Mobile Search (The Game Changer)

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Mobile search market has 9% more share then desktop/PC search market. Thus, it’s perfect time to take the next big step to thrive in Google mobile search market. This post includes 3 interesting and recent news about mobile search industry.


#1. Google drops mobile-friendly from search results

In an effort to declutter search results on mobile – something that is becoming a necessity to keep users happy – Google decided late in August 2016 to drop “’mobile-friendly” label from the SERPs (search engine results pages).

The search giant released a statement that said now 85% of all pages in the mobile search results are mobile-friendly anyway, so the label, officially launched in November 2014 – is no longer needed.  Nor will it alert site owners to the fact that “Your page is not mobile-friendly”.  Google made it abundantly clear that they would give preference to mobile-friendly websites on mobile search, so those websites that are still not responsive or optimised for a mobile layout, are now left out in the cold.


#2. Google mobile search active in Apps


Finding content within Apps on your mobile device has never been easy. Now Google has launched an In Apps search tab that will appear within the Google app on the company’s Android devices and allow you to select search results from your installed apps.

It can, for instance, help you easily find friends or content in their messages to you; find videos stored on your device, and stay organized by searching for an appointment you noted down in Notes – without going to that particular app and scrolling around until you find it. The function works with Gmail, Spotify and YouTube and in the coming months Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Evernote, Glide, To do list and Google Keep will be added to In Apps.


#3. Gboard for iPhones brings keyboards alive


Gboard is a nifty little app available from the iStore. It defaults to your device language, as long as it’s English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese or Spanish (other languages coming soon).

One feature that will go down well is glide typing that will make writing quicker, once you’ve got the hang of it.

Other functionalities include smart GIF suggestions categorised under a number of events and happenings, from weather to celebrations.

Finally, it has search suggestions built in via Google Search, and enables you to search and send right from your keyboard, doing away with having to switch apps.

The app is new, so there are some bugs, such as the GBoard icon not always appearing, or sitting on top of some users’ letters. An update should sort that out.

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