How to Reward Your Employees without Money

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You need to look beyond monetary incentives if you are looking to motivate your employees. Motivate employees by using intrinsic motivators for flexible working time and advancement. Non financial rewards do not break the bank and you should always consider that.

How to Reward Your Employees without Money

Below there are simple ways on how to motivate employees without involving money.

1. Develop a Community

Rising a community your employees not only relate to the company but also related to each other. You can use online forums, but you cannot replace traditional face-to-face conversations. Encourage the team to have lunch together. Play games and rest with everyone. Throw a party to celebrate accomplished challenges. That is why it is important to invite employees families to participate in activities, such as picnics parties.

2. Involve Your Employees

Ask your employees whenever you are not sure which motivation is suitable. For example, through a questionnaire, a brainstorming session, or a suggestion box and ask what type of compensation they would like to receive. After gathering feedback from employees, you can set clear goals and get them to work hard. This increases not only the income of your company but also the contributions of your employees values. This should motivate them to take part in the program.

3. Get to Know Them as People

When you have a personal relationship with an employee, you can know his or her contents. For example, if you do not want them to be late because they own a pet, consider making a pet day for your employees. As a way to give rewards and recognition in the workplace, when you pay attention to them, they will do their best not to let you down.

4. Provide Perks and Privileges

The quality of work and life is also important for employees. When they are healthy, their work is harder and smarter because their work days are more enjoyable and rewarding. If the flexible schedule does not work for everyone, give them the opportunity to work from home. When employees like to work, remember that they work more efficiently, which is very important for you.

5. Give Unusual Rewards

When you feel embarrassed, it’s easy to become unmotivated, less creative and dissatisfied with your work. Therefore, you can expect to reduce productivity. You can change it by offering a prize draws rewarding exceptional employees during work hours to gain what interest them. You can improve increase production, satisfaction and your ability to improve your business. Also, you could offer odds to win a car for an employee who has been the most outstanding throughout the year. This would be a great motivation for them to look forward too.

6. Track Team Wins

Look at how non-profit organisations will grow as donors use thermometers and other visual instruments to achieve their goals. Even if you use real-world visual methods, you can do it even if you keep everyone informed at regular meetings. What are the different objectives of the different teams? A little friendly competition is a good thing, and when your employees reach a specific goal, you can reward it, but even if a team scores the first goal, you pay compensation, this could be a good reward system for employees.

7. Make it Easier for Their Commute

Your employees may have excessive travel or parking expenses. You cannot pay all transportation costs, but you can help by paying a parking pass or a bus ticket.

8. Encourage Autonomy, Skill and Goal

Autonomy: people want to manage their work. Provide decision-making opportunities to our employees. For example, if you have a weekly meeting ask the team to choose at least the topic or choose snacks.

Skill: Everyone wants to improve what they do. Give employees the opportunity to show progress. Provide feedback, measures about performance and plans for personal development.

Goal: People want to be part of something more important than theirs. Explain how their work serves the business. The most important thing is to show how their work is consistent with their values.

9. Encourage Mentoring

Mentoring is a great way to interact. If properly executed, the mentorship program will bring value and authority to experienced employees, and compassion and security for new employees. If it’s a regular course, that is tracked and monitored regularly, it will become a mentor, a way to appreciate and show the people you trust them.

10. Often Say ‘Thank You’

Thank you, is an easy way to express appreciation whether the work is necessary. You may not think this will be a problem, but those who the boss appreciates will have a very different attitude from those who have not heard about it. Everyone does not need an appreciation for doing a good job, but many do.

11. Volunteer and Help

You want people who are citizen-oriented to care about others. So when employees inclined, ask others to help. Make it easier for them to bring kids to work to get to know the company, or spend a week building a house. Show them you appreciate their attention to the world around you. You can talk about your business and what your employees are doing and let your customers know doing business with you will have a positive impact on the community.

Finally, non-financial rewards stay in the mind of employees forever. These rewards not only give them a sense of value, but they also increase their motivation. If you can manage to ensure your employees understand benefits of non-financial and financial rewards, then this reward system will be successful.

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