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Do you dream of hosting the hottest event of the year?
Today, there’s an event for everything. From a business trade show to a music
festival, events uphold the excitement and intensity your audience desires.

But planning an event isn’t easy. Before the party can get started, you need to be both helpful and reliable.

That’s why 81% of event planners believe the most important event planning skills are great communication and organization skills.

Don’t worry — once you know what is important, planning an event
is easier than you think. Continue reading this guide and plan the event
everyone will be talking about for years to come!

Organize a Team

You can’t plan an event on your own. The first course of
action is to find the most reliable staff members to help make your event’s vision
come to life. Some of the roles you’ll need include:

  • Event management
  • Venue management
  • Volunteers
  • Publicity

This is also the time you should start reaching out to
sponsors. You’ll want to get a good idea of speakers and/or entertainment and
start reaching out to their agencies immediately.

Define Your Goals

Once you get your team together, it’s time to brainstorm
your goals. This encompasses the ultimate accomplishment and even smaller goals
you want to achieve.

Most event planners gauge an event’s success by the number of attendees.

But you’re not limited to only this goal. You can also measure financial gain and even the success of your vendors. If you’re hosting a charitable event, it’s great to plan a minimum donation goal.

Set a Date

Once you have these basic details laid out, it’s time to plan the day of your event. You should plan your event several months in advance, at least eight months.

There are other event date considerations. Some seasons may not generate as much traffic as others.

Summer events are usually safe; however, you could be facing
heavy competition against similar events. Spring and fall events may also work.

You’ll also want to ensure the event doesn’t fall on or near
a major holiday.

Instead of securing one date, you can choose a few different dates.

Deliver the dates to the venue and find the one that works best for them. You can also coordinate with sponsors, speakers, entertainment, vendors, and even your guests to decide the best date.

Plan Your Day-Of Essentials

Always have a rough event schedule ready months in advance as well as your personal schedule. Revise this schedule if necessary.

Plan the logistics for your entertainment. If there’s a speaker, outsource an audio team to provide working microphones and speakers. You may also need a projector if the speaker presents a slideshow with their speech.

You’ll also need more audio equipment if you’re hosting a

Your entertainment needs a place to stay and transportation to the event. Book their hotels far in advance and coordinate transportation with a transportation company.

This is also the perfect time to research lodging and transportation options for customers, such as discounted hotel rooms and a supercoach bus for easy transportation.

It’s also recommended to hire or outsource media. Photographers
and videographers keep the event alive and entice future attendees. Research
different media outlets far in advance and keep your event open for press.

Will there be catering or food vendors? Set up an area for
guests to eat. You’ll also need to plan an area to accept and buy tickets as
well as bathrooms, charging stations, social area, and plenty of space to walk.

Plan the Best Event of the Year

Events are more popular than ever but booking an event is
difficult for a first-timer. Use this guide to help you book your first event.

Is there anything you should avoid when planning your event? Micromanaging can destroy your event. Here are the dangers of micromanagement.

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