How to keep your Body in shape while working at Home

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Working out in a gym or taking a strength-training class is great, but when you work at home, it’s not always possible. Inflexible working hours, home chores and distance from the gyms may demotivate you from working out.

But if you are determined to stay fit, no amount of working hours can stop you. A 20-minute workout schedule per day can do wonders for your body. A dozen push-ups, a dozen more squats, jogging, and squatting don’t even require equipment.

For a decent home gym to help you work out better, you may need some equipment. Below is a guide to help you find the best exercising tools.


Dumbbells or dummies are simple, inexpensive weight-lifting tools that work perfectly for beginners. They are categorized in several weight classes from 10 pounders upwards. Dummies work out the chest area, shoulders, and upper apps.

Although they help you work out biceps and the chest, dummies are highly versatile. Depending on how you use them, you could work out up to ten different upper body muscles. You can also work out the calves and the thighs by using dummies to add resistance as you do pushups and squats.

Fitness Ball

Stability balls are revered by yoga practitioners but are yet to get the respect they deserve in gyms and at homes. When properly used, a fitness ball can shape up your abs and give you that six-pack you’ve always wished for.

fitness ball

The balls come in different sizes and diameters. If you are short, below 5, 1’, pick the smallest balls sized 45cm in diameter. Medium and tall people can choose balls measuring 55cm-75cm. It’s better to pick a bigger ball than a small one because they are inflatable can be adjusted downward also.

Fitness balls help you exercise in a number of ways. The first one is to sit on the ball in an upright manner and perform sit-ups while on it. Another exercise is to lie on the ball with your back and to bounce on it. You can also use the ball to strengthen your leg and ab muscles by lying on the ground and lifting the ball up and down using your feet.


Nothing is more effective for exercising than whole body workouts. Running on a treadmill works out almost all your muscles in the body, making it as effective as outdoor running. In fact, most people say that treading one mile on a treadmill feels like running five miles outdoors.

While they are great and effective, treadmills are pricey. Depending on the equipment’s horsepower, belt size and extra features, a good treadmill costs between $800 and $1300. They are worth the price nonetheless.

But before you make the investment, make sure you are purchasing the proper treadmill. If you have a spacious living room or a special home-gym, pick a large or medium-sized treadmill.

If you have space issues, purchase folding treadmills. When set-up, folding treadmills are as sturdy and effective as regular treadmills. Of course, they are not all designed the same. Evaluate their quality and the ratings of their providers. For a complete guide, visit this site about folding treadmills.

Indoor Cycling Bikes

If you love cycling but lack the time to ride outdoors, an indoor exercise bike is a great alternative. The bikes are slightly different from your road bike but help you exercise lower body muscles and upper body muscles as well.

woman on indoor cycling bike

Basically, an indoor bike has fixed legs (stands) instead of wheels. They have a seat, handles, and pedals but no chain. They also have a large, heavy wheel situated between the front legs. The wheel is what you cycle and because it’s heavy and huge, the work out is strenuous and effective.

Like a road bike, an indoor bike will have brakes to help you lower your speed. But at the same time, brakes add resistance to the large wheel to make it more difficult to exercise. A good exercising bike can help you lose up to 500 calories per hour, slightly more than a road bike.

Ab Wheels

Sit-ups and running are good for your abs. But you know what works better? Ab wheels. As the name suggests, an ab wheel is a wheel which when used for exercising, strengthens your ab muscles. The wheel has a handle at the center. You exercise by lying on the floor as you do for pushups. But instead of placing your hands on the ground, you use them to hold the wheel’s handle and roll it back and front.

Unfortunately, an ab wheel only strengthens your muscles and doesn’t burn your belly fat. So, if you have a belly you need to lose, use other methods like running. Still, an ab wheel is an important tool for your home gym. A good wheel combined with proper exercises works out multiple muscles in your body.

Jump Rope

Professional boxers love jump ropes for a reason. They are simple to use, inexpensive and effective. Any flexible, good-quality rope will do the trick. Simply find a good rope and learn a variety of ways to use it. The most basic exercising method is to jump while you rotate the rope forward around your body.

Like running, jump roping works out all areas of your body. From your feet to neck muscles and everything in between, jump roping is an effective whole-body workout routine. The only downside to jump ropes is that they require some bit of space.

You don’t want to jump while your rope hits everything in your house. It also asks for great stamina to jump for a long period of time. Professional trainers recommend that you do jump for short periods repeatedly, but even that, requires great perseverance.

To Conclude

Most people forget to take care of their bodies when they start working at home. But in as much as at-home jobs consume a lot of time, you should never neglect exercising. A small home-gym with a treadmill, a rowing machine, an ab wheel, and a bike can help you burn fat and strengthen your muscles every day.

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