How to Create a Domain Name That Reflects Your Business Brand

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Owning a business opens your eyes to the thought that goes into every detail, from brand colors to advertising language. The domain may seem minor on this list, however, it’s extremely important.

How to Create a Domain Name That Reflects Your Business Brand

It will serve as your business address for people to find you both directly and through Google searches. The internet engine reads a series of numbers from your IP address, but people need a name they can remember.

In a web with 346,586,872 domains, you need to know how to create a domain name that will stand out. Keep reading to learn how!

How to Create a Domain Name for Your Brand

Whether your business allows you to work from home or demands office space, you need to create a strong domain for your brand. Read on to learn everything you need to know about registering a domain name.

How to Buy a Domain Name

Buying a domain name does not require any extraordinary expertise. Basic surfing skills will allow you to create your domain name at sites like

When deciding on a name, keep the following in mind:


Despite how cool you think your name sounds, it will burn your business if people cannot remember it. Keep the name simple.

Use simple language. If nobody knows how to spell it or pronounce it, then might not make you popular.

Keep it short and snappy. Longer names leave might leave people struggling to remember the entire address. Plus, it leaves room for typos that may send them to somebody else.

Spell words correctly, unless you already have a strong brand presence with that particular spelling. You do not want to frustrate customers who cannot remember if you spelled it with “you”, “yu” or “u”.

Stick to the alphabet. Numbers lead to confusion over whether to spell it out or use numerics. Using dashes can literally make it all just fall apart.


People will tie this name closely to your brand. What does your name imply?

Make sure that your domain name in no way contradicts your company. Make it clever and catchy so people remember it, but not at the expense of your integrity. This means that you most likely want to leave out profanity or questionable implications unless they closely fit your brand.


Consider incorporating:

  • your business or brand name
  • the type of product or service
  • keywords linked to your business

Make it make sense.


Do your homework. Check for availability first and foremost.

Then, make sure that it does not match a competitor’s business too closely. This can lead to customers losing their way to the competition’s site and even legal issues down the road.


The extension at the end of your domain name actually holds meaning. Do not Eeny, meeny, miny, moe it.

Some business options include:

  • .com: commercial websites
  • .org: organizations/non-profits
  • .biz: business sites
  • .net: techy stuff

Choose the extension most appropriate to your business. Note, .com is y far the most commonly used domain name suffix.

How to Register a Domain Name

You want to register with a registrar when you get a domain name, rather than opting for a free domain. The registration only costs you a small fee, typically between $10 and $35, and ensures your ownership of the domain.

Represent Your Brand

Now that you know how to create a domain name, choose one that appropriately represents your brand. Remember, this will serve as your customer’s GPS to your website. Give them clear directions.

Once you register your domain name, you expand your obligations along with your reach. For help maintaining it all, check out these resources on our website!

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