How to Bring Your Brand Story to Life with an Explainer Video

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Have you created a whiteboard or animation video for your brand yet? If not, now is the time to get started. Video animation is one of the most effective ways you can engage and increase your audience.

Below are some great tips as to how you can bring your brand story to life with an explainer video using video animation techniques.

Know your audience

One of the best ways to bring your brand story to life and connect with potential customers is to know your audience. Sketch out the picture of the ideal customer for your brand and imagine what they like, what they care about, and what connects them to your brand.

Once you have pictured your ideal customer, think about how you should create your brand story in a way that will appeal to this customer base. Include a list of products or services that they will appreciate and that will solve their problems. Think about how to present your brand in a way that resonates with your target audience.

Use colors to your advantage

When you look at different company logo designs, how do they make you feel? Specifically, do you feel differently about different logos and brands because of the different colors they use within their branding and design? You should, and millions of dollars were spent on their branding and on the final decision of what colors might be used within their company branding.

Colors have meaning. The proper use of colors at the right time and place can make a big difference in how your brand is portrayed to your target audience. You should use your brand colors often to solidify the relationship between your branding and your products and services.

Take a look at each of the RED logo designs below. Each of them is well-known and also represent multi-billion dollar companies. While some people might associate red with “stop” or “rage”, it’s actually the color of power; it signifies basic survival, warmth, energy, physical strength, sensuality, masculinity, and excitement.

Think about why you chose your colors and bring in these ideas to your media content. If you cannot find a way to use your main brand colors, choose some areas to incorporate the colors that best represent your brand throughout the video. Include your branding logo without being overly sales-oriented while presenting your corporate brand story. Your logo is a big part of your corporate identity so don’t forget to include this.

Pick a style that compliments your brand

There are many different types of explainer videos. You could create a video with an important message that includes a “talking head” (also known as “live action” video) where you have a spokesman for your company to tell your story. Instead of this, you could use some form of animated video content instead to promote your brand. Character animations can be done by hiring professional animators to create characters and a script of dialogue for them to present.

However, it can be expensive to create animations. You need proper software and animation talent to carry this out.

Different forms of animations cost different amounts, depending on the kind you choose. Whiteboard animation is one style of animation that can help capture your brand story. The storyboard format of most whiteboard videos is a highly successful way to promote your brand while incurring low costs.

Other types of animation available are:

  • Kinetic typography
  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation
  • Stop motion video
  • Infographic videos

Create content that people will want to share

Creating engaging content that people will want to share is important, especially when you are creating a corporate video about your brand. Animation offers a unique aspect to explainer videos that you cannot get in any other type of video. It also allows you to convey lots of information about your company in a short two-minute video. Whiteboard videos can help you capture your message in under two minutes, which is the average attention span for most animated video content today.

Take a look at any of the top bloggers in the world today. Many of them are popular because of the content they’ve created for their audience and the value that they’ve provided in the process. At the same time, many of these bloggers started off with a focus on just text content creation and blogging, but have expanded into social media and video creation. A perfect example of this would be Neil Patel, who now has over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube!

People watch and subscribe to Neil Patel’s videos because they want to learn, and he’s also a great teacher and marketing expert. However, if Neil was to add some explainer videos into the mix, I’m sure he would see some great results from them as well. After all, learning through visuals is one of the best ways to absord information.

The key is not only capturing the attention of your primary viewers but also getting them to share your content with others. Creating exciting and engaging content using animated videos is part of this process. Also, keep the length short so people will want to share your content with others, exponentially increasing your results.

Be true to your brand

Branding is all about bringing out the true identity of your company and ideas, as well as your products and services. But your brand is not your products and services. Those are just the commodities that you offer people. To sell people on your products and services, you need to sell them on your brand.

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Shakespeare said it like this, “This above all: to thine own self be true.” This means delving deep into the ideologies that helped you get to where you are now and to produce authentic content that is true to your brand identity. Keep it real and don’t go off the deep end when creating content. Be honest, show integrity, and talk about your services or products and how you do business. Get excited about your brand and exude this confidence to your viewers. They will respond in a positive way.

The main objective in creating a corporate or explainer video about your brand is to tell your story in a compelling way to get their attention, and then keep their attention by asking others to share your content. The more they share, the more you will see your brand thrive.

Why Whiteboard Videos?

There are some impressive studies regarding whiteboard animation video and how it increases the level of success in a brand. Stay true to your brand identity, share your corporate history with your viewers, and focus on the finer aspects of your brand. You’ll find that this will help you bring it all together and connect you with your audience in a much more personal way.

The reason whiteboard often results in sales and conversions is because it allows you to create an entire presentation from start to finish that includes all of the elements that appeal to the mind and senses. It also keeps the attention of the audience longer than the average “talking head” type of video. Using hands throughout the video, viewers experience a more personal connection that helps them understand and recall the video’s message. This is a great way to increase sales and revenue for your brand.

You can actually watch the show video below that walks through the process of how to come up with an effective storyboard, vision, and overall design to bring your story to live with a whiteboard video.

When creating one on your own, remember to focus on your brand’s story and not your products and services if you are creating a brand story. We’ve included some of the most important elements to include below:

  • Company logo
  • History of the company
  • How long in business
  • Ideology and values
  • Goals and vision
  • A brief look at products/services

What makes you unique? Find it, and show it off!

All of these elements are important to discuss, but you don’t have to elaborate too much on them. Just present your company logo in your whiteboard or animation video by showing it in the first frame. Then discuss a brief history of the company, how long you’ve been in business, as well as your ideologies and goals for your company in the future. Include a brief overview of products and services without being too sales-oriented in this type of video. End the video with a description of what makes you unique, then close with a call-to-action of what you want viewers to do.

You can offer to send them a newsletter with updates of your company or include your email so prospective customers can contact you. Selling them on your brand and not products is your goal for an effective corporate video.

Video is Here. Make Sure Your Company is Using It Wisely!

If you’ve got an idea, brainstorm a script and write down the purpose of your video content. Then contact someone on a whiteboard animation creative team to get started.

With so many options out there for video design, outsourcing and hiring freelancers, many of them will be glad to talk to you about your idea. If you have time to do it yourself, more power to you. But there are many companies online that will help you create a stunning corporate video if you don’t have the time to do it yourself.

Telling your brand story is important. Do it your way, but make sure to just do it!

It’s important to tell the world who you are and why you invented your brand in the first place. The hardest step is the first one. Now, go take it!

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