How To Add A Personal Touch To Your Business

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Although businesses run in today’s modern world are automated and down to technology, having the personal touch is still essential. In fact, this is what can make your business stand out from a huge crowd; showing that there is a human being behind all the tech is a USP these days, and can often be a pleasant surprise for customers.

How To Add A Personal Touch To Your Business

Adding a personal touch to business, particularly one that runs solely online, is something of a lost art, but if you can do it, it could bring you in a lot more sales. Here are some ways to go about it.

Customer Interaction

You have probably been in the position of being an online customer yourself. Have you ever sent an email, commented on a Facebook post, replied to a tweet, or otherwise tried to engage with a company and had nothing back whatsoever? It will have felt like ‘talking’ to a brick wall, and that’s not something that will make a customer feel good about the company they want to buy from.

If you can engage with your customers, it will help you immensely. Answer emails in a timely fashion (although it is best to block out specific times of the day to do this, otherwise it could take up too much of your time), and always at least acknowledge comments on social media; emojis are an excellent way to show that you have noted what has been said. By answering questions or showing you have read a comment you can prove you are real and could make some extra sales.

Use Your Website

Your website is a massively important tool when it comes to your sales, and you should use it to its full advantage as much as possible. It is the perfect place to show that you are a real person and that you are there for your customers.

Firstly, ensure that the site is easy to navigate and that your hosting company is a good one so that there will be minimal downtime; Onyx can help you with this. Next, make sure you include an ‘about us’ page. This will give your customers some history about you and the company which will help them to engage with you better. You can also have a blog on your site, and this will be full of your personality. Finally, it is crucial that your customers can contact you at any time, so check that your contact details are correct and that, if you have a contact form, it is working properly.

Offer Discounts

How can offering discounts show that you are a real person and add a personal touch to your business? It sounds like a strange way of doing things, but it does work. When you offer discounts, you are acknowledging that people are spending their hard earned money with you, and this is a way of saying thank you. Send out coupons to your loyal customers with a thank you note, or set up a members-only section on the site that has lower prices, for example.

This will make your customers feel special, and it is unlikely that a big, impersonal corporation is going to take the time to do that.

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