Get Paid $1000 to Eat Bacon for a Day: Here’s How to Apply Instantly…

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For the next few weeks, you can apply to be the first ever Farmer Boys “bacon intern”.

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Why Would Farmer Boys Pay You to Eat Bacon?

To give you an idea of who the company behind this is, Farmer Boys is a fast casual restaurant chain headquartered in Riverside, California. The company has been around since 1981.

This is basically a way for them to gather feedback to make their products (in this case, bacon) better so they can sell more. Now, that’s not new. Taste testing jobs have been around for a long time and food manufacturers and restaurants use this marketing tool to improve their products all the time (more on that later).

That said, in this case, the main reason Farmer Boys is doing this is…


This is a great marketing strategy to get the whole country talking about the company. In today’s age of social media and viral posts, something as unbelievable as getting paid $1000 to eat bacon can easily go viral and draw attention to the company and its products.

And it did!

They put their press release out just a few days ago and people are already talking about it all over the internet. It is a brilliant marketing strategy by this company.

Now, that doesn’t take away from the fact that you can indeed get paid a $1000 to eat bacon. And since you are a reader of MoneyPantry, it’s safe to assume you like to make money. So let’s get you started in filling out the application and hopefully getting this sweet gig.

Qualifications & Requirements

Applicant qualifications are pretty simple:

  • Must be 18 years old and “a certified lover of all things pork“.
  • Be able to commute to southern California for the “job”.
  • Have a public Instagram account.

See the complete list of official rules here.

How to Apply

There is no traditional application form that you can fill out. Instead, they company is using Instagram (in line with the marketing strategy I talked about above!) and hashtags as a way for people to apply.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Post a unique photo or video on your personal Instagram account explaining why you’re the best person for the job.
  • Tag @FarmerBoysFood in your post, and use #FarmerBoysBaconIntern in the caption.
  • Entries must be in by 11:59 pm, Pacific Time on August 20, 2019.

The winning candidate will receive $1000.00 for an 8 hour shift tasting bacon.

What is Taste Testing

For those unfamiliar with this whole thing wondering why would any company pay me to eat their food, here is a little more detail on what exactly taste testing is and why companies use it.

Taste testing is basically a form of market research just like paid focus groups and surveys. To make their products better, companies pay people to get their feedback on their products and services. They then use this information to make their products better or even develop entirely new products.

And of course, most people won’t do it for free. So to entice people to participate, most companies will pay you for your feedback. That’s how all legit online survey sites and focus groups work.

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Some companies hire taste testers on a full-time basis and some on a part-time basis. Some also hire you as independent contractors to do tests whenever they need it.

Now, there are different kinds of taste testing in marketing.

For example, Blind Taste Testing is where companies give you two products without any identifying information or label and ask you to try them both and say which one you like better and why. This is very popular with soft drink and wine manufacturers.

One of the most famous and longest-running blind taste testing campaigns is the Pepsi Challenge. They basically have you drink Pepsi and Coca Cola and then select which one you prefer. The results (since it was favorable towards Pepsi!) has been used in their ads to show Pepsi is better than Coke and that most people prefer it.

Other Taste Testing Jobs

Big food, snacks and drinks companies usually hire people to do testing on their products on a full time or part-time basis. But companies aren’t the only places that pay you to test products. Market research companies and even universities pay people for research studies related to food.

Here are a few:

Good Luck!

I hope you get the job. Be sure to apply today so you don’t miss out on the chance to get paid a $1000 to eat bacon!

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