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If you are going to start a personal blog or any kind of online project then hosting is the initial money sucking component that you need to get because price of domain is $10 pretty much everywhere, where else hosting server’s price varies a lot based on features.

However, as you are reading this 000WebHost review post you can completely eradicate the cost of hosting because you are going to have a close look of world’s most popular free web hosting platform.

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I still remember, 000WebHost was one of the early free hosting companies that I used to host my files as that time I had no money as well as payment wallets. I hosted my several projects on 000WebHost without any risk and later on after buying my own server I moved on for better result.

Did you notice? Why I mentioned RISK FREE, even in the title of this post…

Let me explain, in my early stage of starting blogging I tried creating sites on almost all the web 2.0 platforms then I came to know about the most powerful CMS WordPress (non-hosted). Sadly, it requires custom server and then I searched for free web hosting services. I found several sites that are offering free hosting space and got registered into 5-6 as I was testing that time. Sad part is most of them disappeared after few years and so my sites and landing pages.

This is the RISK I want to warn you, I spent hundreds of hours after learning and building my blogs and landing pages. Watching them disappearing within moments without even any Email or other type of notification is pretty painful.

However, 000WebHost is backed by another renowned Hosting company named Hostinger and that’s the reason why this free web server provider is so stable and trustworthy.

Definitely, I am not saying that you will get better service on this free hosting than the paid one but having such reliable free server that cost nothing must be a blessing for the newbies who have no budget for paid servers.

If you are thinking why someone might use free hosting service apart from business related issues then check out these cool uses of free web servers that will help to create future professionals.

  1. College Projects: I referred this free server to many of my friends for hosting their college projects and assignments mainly for web programming courses. You can do the same for your own projects or help your friends.
  2. Learning to be Pro: If you are a newbie and want to learn building sites on popular CMS or even by doing custom coding then 000webhost is a perfect place to start without even paying a single dollar.
  3. Landing Pages: Some people create landing pages either to collect leads or to promote CPA offers. If you want to go with custom landing pages then you can use this server to host those landing pages for free.

These are just few uses of such AWESOME free hosting that I myself did, may be there are more cool uses of such hosting servers, try it yourself!

Without writing further, let’s dive into the 000WebHost review so that you can have a better idea of this server. Before going into detail check out this quick stat:

Although, in case of free service people rarely dig deeper for quality assurance, however I have compelled the most important issues that you may love to know about 000WebHost, just out of your curiosity or based on need.

Obviously, you are not paying for this service and hence you don’t even need to worry about every ins and outs but still due to my job I will be revealing some shocking truth about 000WebHost.

Performance and Reliability:

This is the major concern while someone is buying hosting server for website or blog, but this case is different. Although it’s a completely free web hosting, performance is pretty good compared to you are paying ZERO dollar bills.

In terms of reliability, this is the most stable free web hosting provider out of 5-6 that I have used by myself. However, this free service do not come with automatic backups hence you need to be careful about your important files. On the top of that, you may face some downtime over the month but that not an issue as you will be using this server mostly for test, research or learning.

Customer Experience:

So far my experience is good with 000WebHost as I used it for only few projects. The best part of this free server is its clean dashboard that has few most important options that a newbie needs.

In addition, you can go for Email support in case you need any help from them. You can easily shift from free to paid service with a big discount if you wish.

Back-End technology:

To be honest, due to being free hosting server very few people shows interest to know about the technical details and hence to make the appearance user-friendly 000WebHost itself shows only the essential technical parts.

Despite being free you can enjoy cPanel, One-Click CMS installation, FTP Support, Instantly manual backup, File manager and few other features. Moreover, major web languages are well supported with this server such as HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Crul, Cron Jobs etc.

Here comes the best part of 000WebHost which is its own free website builder. In case you are looking to build landing pages or one-page portfolio site without learning WordPress or Coding then this is the BEST method. You can build any kind of awesome looking web page with the help of this powerful drag and drop tool that comes totally free with 000WebHost.

Pros and Cons:

Every service has both good and bad part and 000WebHost is not different. Despite being free service I am glad to point out Pros and Cons of this web service provider. 


Are you still reading? Come on man! You are not spending a single dime then why you are thinking too much? Give a try to this reliable free web hosting and check the quality by yourself. It will take only 5 minutes to make your site live with 000WebHost as the sign up process is pretty faster and easier.

I would love to know about your experience with any kind of free hosting server. Please do share your story via comment section.

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