Four Work From Home Ideas For New Moms

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For new moms who’re beginning to plan their lives after their births, one of the major areas of interest will be in working from home. While many mothers enjoy their period of maternity leave before heading back into the world of work with relish and gusto, many other moms would prefer to spend less time working and, when they do work, doing so remotely on a flexible basis.

Young mom working at home with her baby

This article is aimed at such individuals, offering just four ideas as to how to make money from home after having become a mother.


Do you have a set of skills from which you can build a freelance career – or, can you train some up? This should be your first question to yourself after deciding you’re interested in working from home. Some of the most important skills for freelancers include:

  • Writing, proofreading or editing
  • Teaching basic classes over skype
  • Marking essays and school papers
  • Designing websites
  • Making graphic designs for print and online publishing

The list continues and can get really rather specific, so don’t be disheartened if you feel you’re not skilled enough to start a freelance career. After giving birth, make use of your network and online tops to get your freelancing career off the ground.

Online Store

E-commerce is a growing trend amongst new moms who’re looking to make a quick and easy buck by working from home. The most important part of these businesses is the initial set-up, as after this you’ll simply need to monitor sales and to ensure that your products are finding their way to the correct customers. Use as a host to make your e-commerce store a success, and build your products onto the likes of Amazon and eBay, too, for the maximal reach of consumers.

Social Media

Over the past ten years or so, the social media star has become less of an interesting ego trip and more of a genuine businessperson, with some influencers and vloggers making upwards of six-figure salaries from posting regular promotional content on their blogs, pages, feeds or channels. Whether you decide to build a following on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, you can monetize by adding adverts to your site, or by promoting the goods of other businesses – all from the comfort of your own home.


Conventional wisdom tells us that writers are of a certain caste of people, quiet, methodical and ‘deep.’ But the truth is anyone can be a writer, and there is a lot of jobs that you can find as a writer from home. For instance, you might go the whole hog to write and self-publish your own book, or otherwise, you might decide to write a blog that you advertise from online. Either way, your writing skills will develop as you get more invested in your job and, as soon as you monetize, you’ll find that writing is a lucrative way to work from home as a new mom.

Working from home is the dream of many new moms – and this article offers four examples of careers that’ll allow you to work both remotely and more flexible as a new mother.

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