Comparing 6 Popular Choices For The Best Grammar Checker Software

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online grammar checkers: comparing 6 popular choices

The best grammar checker can help you communicate more clearly, whether you are creating documents for work, school, creative projects or for your social media accounts. Taking the time to research the best grammar checker programs can help you find the most suitable choice for your own individual proofreading needs.






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Ginger best grammar checker website


Grammarly website


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PaperRater homepage

Best Grammar Checker: Comparing 6 Popular Choices

Whether you want to improve your student or professional writing or need help proofreading your documents before you send them to their final destination, using an online grammar checker can help.

There are many different options available, and if this is your first time using such a program, then choosing the best grammar checker for your individual needs can be challenging. From accuracy to speed to cost, there are many factors to consider.

If you are ready to shop for online grammar checker software, we have gathered information about a few of the most popular brands to help you make the most informed choice possible.  


Free Online Grammar Checker by Whitesmoke

A Versatile Writing Tool 

Whitesmoke is a subscription-based grammar checker that corrects your writing on almost any platform, whether you are writing in a web document or a word processing program.

Whitesmoke works with a variety of popular processing programs, including Microsoft Word and Mac software. This makes it a good choice if you use Windows at work but a Mac at home to create documents, emails and presentations. Whitesmoke checks your grammar and spelling as you type and suggests correction options for any errors you might make.

You might consider choosing Whitesmoke if you use mobile word processing programs or need to compose detailed emails for work while you are on the go. This software runs on iOS and Android devices and features a variety of additional features, including translation services, if you upgrade to the pro version.

Whitesmoke at a Glance

  • 3 different pricing plans for basic, premium and mobile versions
  • Email and phone customer support
  • Checks grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Explains errors
  • Built-in dictionary

Whitesmoke offers users a free trial on its website so you can decide if it is the best grammar checker for your needs.


  • Compatible with most browsers and smartphones


  • Needs internet access to work


Ginger website

Assistance for Beginner and Intermediate Writers  

Like Whitesmoke, Ginger is a grammar and spellchecking program that integrates itself with almost any web or word processing program currently in use and corrects your errors in real time.

You can download the software on your PC or Mac. Write documents in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome, and use this program’s one-click control bar to enable the checking feature. Ginger offers a basic free version if you want to check documents and correct your own work, as this version does not explain why certain words or phrases are incorrect. This makes the free version of Ginger more suitable for experienced writers who want a program that catches errors they failed to spot during proofreading.  

The full version of Ginger includes a variety of features, including a voice-to-text feature that reads your documents aloud to you, which can be an effective way to catch errors that the eyes might miss. It also includes tools that explain grammatical problems and suggestions for avoiding them in the future.  

Ginger at a Glance  

  • Pay by the month, quarterly or annually for premium features
  • Mobile app is available on both Android and iOS  
  • Website and telephone customer support options  
  • Analyzes and explains grammar errors  
  • Translation and definition features  

If you want to try Ginger before you decide whether it is the best grammar checker for you, the company’s website offers a brief free trial that highlights some of its most innovative features.


  • Not difficult to use and run


  • The program gets less mistakes than Grammarly


Grammarly homepage

Writing Support for Facts or Fiction  

You may have heard of Grammarly or even tried the free version, as it offers more features than other no-cost trial or web versions of other grammar checkers. However, this software does offer premium packages if you want in-depth solutions when it comes to correcting and improving your grammar, sentence structure and context. Grammarly is available on a wide variety of devices, including PC, Mac and even web-based platforms.  

The premium features of Grammarly can be useful for both technical and fiction writing. If you are a blogger, article writer, journalist or freelance writer, you can check your documents for proper tone and vocabulary.

If you write fiction, the premium version of this software can check your documents according to the genre you are working with and offer ways to improve your style. Grammarly also checks for plagiarism, which can be helpful if you work in document quality control and are responsible for the originality of the final product.  

Grammarly at a Glance

  • Premium packages paid monthly; quarterly and annual plans are also available
  • Mobile versions available for Android and iOS 
  • Live or email customer support with ticket system for efficient service 
  • Identifies repeated or outdated words and phrases 
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office  

 Grammarly might be a good choice if you are looking for a program that offers a variety of features in its free version. The payment flexibility may also make it one of the best grammar checker options in its price range.  


  •  Works higher online than any other grammar checker


  • Service aggressively advertises to you till you upgrade


ProwritingAid homepage: Your Personal Writing Coach

Instant Online Editing  

If you are a busy online blogger or run several social media accounts for small businesses, then you may want to consider ProWritingAid. This real-time grammar and spell check program is intelligent and notes the writing style of each user before creating a variety of reports for you to choose from. This can be quite helpful if you manage a pool of bloggers and need to create content with an array of different styles. This makes ProWritingAid one of the more intuitive programs available.  

While this product does offer a free version, it is only available for online documents and is not compatible with Microsoft Word or other desktop word processing programs. The paid package includes a large variety of features that include limited plagiarism checks, several different dictionaries and usage and sentence structure assistance.  

ProWritingAid at a Glance

  • Premium program costs annually, with discounts available for students

  • No mobile apps available: desktop plugins only  

  • Email support with vendor tickets for a streamlined user experience 

  • In-depth explanation of grammatical errors 

  • Bulk license discounts available for schools and businesses  

ProWritingAid can be especially helpful if you have trouble with wordiness or tend to overuse certain words and phrases, both of which can be pitfalls for writers developing their own voice.


  •  Scrivener and Google Docs integration


  • No online checking in one-click


SpellCheckPlus website

A Simple and Affordable Tool for Beginners  

SpellCheckPlus is different from other grammar and spellcheck programs because it is self-contained on its own website. Therefore, it does not check your writing as you work. Instead, you paste blocks of text into a box on the website, which then checks them. The free application accepts 2,000 words at a time, which make this program suitable if you are a beginning writer creating brief articles or blog posts. The premium package offers explanations of captured errors, no limits on words checked and access to grammar exercises that may help you improve your writing over time.  

SpellCheckPlus at a Glance

  • To be paid monthly for the premium package  
  • Customer support via email  
  • Runs on a variety of popular browsers  
  • No real-time editing; text editor only  
  • Limited support for building vocabulary or improving grammar  

This program might be useful to you if you are in the early stages of your freelance writing career and want a grammar checker that is affordable. If you would rather use a program that checks your writing as you type, then you might want to consider the free version of Grammarly instead and then graduate to a paid package when you can afford it.  


  •  Cheapest month-to-month subscription of the services


  • It’s lacking some key features such as an app that examines what you write on the web.


PaperRater best grammar checker

A Multipurpose Text Editor

Whether you need an online text editor for academic or professional writing, PaperRater has a variety of tools that you might find useful. This website features ads and several other limitations if you use the free version.

However, since it does not require you to register, it can be a convenient tool when you need to check an article or paper quickly. The editor features grammar and spelling correction, plus an originality score for your document. It also has a passive voice usage detector and tips for improving your vocabulary.  

PaperRater has a superior user rating when compared to SpellCheckPlus. Even though both programs use a similar editor, and it has more features than comparable online programs. It also has a premium program that offers more submissions per month than the free version. The premium version also has enhanced grammar checks and a file uploader that allows you to save your documents to the site. You’ll also get style modules that might help you avoid repeated or common mistakes in future documents.  

PaperRater at a Glance 

  • Free to use, with a premium package available to be paid monthly  
  • No mobile options 
  • Customer support via email 
  • Convenient for small articles and blogs  
  • Available to use on almost any web-based platform  

Although PaperRater is free to use, it has a surprisingly varied toolbox and might be suitable to you for academic or professional writing. It is important to remember, however, that it might not be the best grammar checker for large writing assignments, as the free version only accepts five pages per document and 50 submissions per month.  


  •  Basic services offered  are free of charge


  • You cannot download results

The Final Word on Grammar Checkers  

While the grammar checker program you use will depend on what you can afford, your writing style and what kind of documents you create, the best grammar checker for the cost in this group is Grammarly.  

We chose this program because of its superior customer service options, flexible payment choices, variety of features and its overall availability both on the desktop and on the go. You may want to look over the choices presented here before making your final selection, as comparing each can help you make an informed and confident decision as you strive to improve your writing 

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