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Are you looking for the hosting server with best performance and at the same time have pretty tight budget? I can relate the situation because 3 years ago I started my blogging journey with very very low budget.

By reading the title of this article you already got to know that within this article I will be reviewing Hostinger, which is well reputed and at the same time high performing web server provider that fits almost everyone’s budget.

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Despiate being a sponsored post I won’t be biased on this article as my duty is to show your the reality and help you to take your decision while buying any tool or service to improve your online business.

Before moving on into detail Hostinger review let me give you a quick insight of this hosting service provider.

These above insights may seem sweet as the chart contains all major information that you need to look at, however if you are a serious geek you must be looking for in-depth information and here we go with that.

Performance and Up-time:

Server’s loading speed is the key term to measure the performance of any server. I checked the response time via renowned tool name DotCom Monitor and amazed with the blazing speed that Hostinger provides at such low price.

As it’s servers are mostly from North America and Europe region you may face slightly lower speed from cities like Shanghai, Beijing etc. However the average response I got is 22.6 ms which is pretty fast. The screenshot is a clear proof that this hosting service has unbelievable response time of 1-2 ms for American and European region. Up-time can’t be measured by any tool instantly but the number 99.8% up-time is mind blowing.  

Customer Experience:

Customer experience is know as the most valuable factor of today’s business. Hostinger is pretty careful to maintain consistency at it’s customer satisfaction rate. You can contact for any kind of support via Email and live chat. In some cases, you can also visit its offices which are located in more than 20 cities around the world.

Back-end Technology:

Server is known as the base of any online business. As your whole business is depended on the technology you must be aware of what’s happening at the back, right?

Hostinger’s all the plans are based on fast SSD server that supports latest version of almost all the major web languages like PHP, JSP, Ajax, .NET, MySQL, XML and so on. It has its own website builder along with major CMS systems that you can install with just one click from the cPanel of Hostinger.

Apart from all of these,  there are some crucial stuffs that people usually don’t look for at the beginning but later on they crave to get these such as daily backups, free SSL certificates, SSH access  and so on. Hostinger comes with all of these features and yah it also depends on which plan you are choosing to go with.

Pricing and Plans:

Here comes the biggest strength of Hostinger! As you know every business has it’s own unique strength which separates itself from the rest. Below you can have a look of Hostinger’s simple pricing for shared hosting plans which is damm cheaper from most of the hosting companies.

If you ask me for suggestion, then I will be recommending the Premium plan because it come with free Domain, Unlimited resources and special speed optimization for WordPress based sites.

Apart from high performing shared hosting plans Hostinger also offers VPS hosting plans which starts at only $4.95! Seriously, I am amazed to see VPS server at this price but it’s true not any dream. Having full root access and IPv6 support are the 2 core reasons why Hostinger’s VPS hosting plans are better than most others.  

 Payment Methods and Terms:

Payment can be a big hassle specially for the newbies and the people who are from developing countries. However, Hostinger supports all the major credit and debit cards as well as Paypal as payment method. In addition, you will be glad to know that Hostinger is one of those few hosting service providers who accept BitCoin and other crypto currencies as payment.

Some of you may buy servers for few months, Hostinger starts with minimum 3 months payment term which is pretty perfect if you want to have a test of this server at low budget.

Want to avoid the hassle of frequent payment? Then choose the plan for 4 years and become worry free for long time.

Comparison with Other Players:

You may think who am I, that you should believe my words, right? I am not asking you to believe my words. Check the below comparison (based on numbers and number never lie) and think of yourself where Hostinger stands compared to other leading hosting service providers such as BlueHost and HostGator.

Final Verdict:

I think, I have shared every single part of Hostinger that you must consider before choosing this server for your blogs or websites. Every purchase has a buying decision associated with the person who is buying, this case is not different. You need to think based on your situation if it’s the perfect solution for you or not.

However, if you are starting out at low budget but not willing to scarifies quality and performance of your site then surely give it a try. You are not losing anything, if you don’t like it, 30 days money-back guarantee is still there for you.

On the top of that, I always love to hear from my readers about their experiences. So, let’s share via comment section and forward this post to only those people who you think need to read this.

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