A2 Hosting Review 2019 and WHY I am Using it for Last 2 Years!!!

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A2 Hosting Review

Did you ever face downtime on your server? Do you know how it feels?

I know it very well, it seems to me like someone freeze my whole business and I lost my control over it. That’s the reason why you MUST careful while choosing the server on which you online business will be constructed.

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I am using A2 Hosting for last more than 2 years and in this post I will be sharing the reason why I chose this hosting service over other hosting companies like Bluehost, DreamHost, SiteGround, Inmotion, Hostgator etc.

Before going through this A2 hosting review (along with my experience) article I must say, why should you believe my words? Here is the reason in last 4 years I have used 10+ different hosting servers and hence I do have good sense understanding of quality hosting server.

Without talking further let dive into the benefits that you will be enjoying as a part of A2 Hosting.

If you are super hurry to buy the hosting server for your website or blog here goes the quick look of almost all the information about A2 Hosting that you MUST know before choosing a great hosting company for your site.

Customer Support Response

Sites Hosted Currently

Get to know A2 Hosting from Inside

Let’s start this A2 Hosting review article with the precised introduction of this hosting legend which has great combination of quality and affordability. 

Performance and Up-time:

Server’s loading speed and up-time are the most significant factors that one must consider before paying a single buck for server. No matter how great your site looks and how much you have invested for marketing your business, if your server is weak you are going to face tremendous loss in your business.

I have tested the response time of A2 Hosting via widely used tool named DotCom Tool and completely surprise to see an average loading time of only 12 milliseconds. For most of the regions, response time is just 1 millisecond which must be a CRAZY speed for servers like this one.  


In terms of performance (to be specific, server response time or loading time) A2 Hosting is considered as the fastest server by many renowned hosting reviewers. On the top of that A2 Hosting is pretty good at up-time of 99.9% which is considered as the highest rate in the industry.. 

Customer Experience

Customer support is one of the most crucial part of any business. You may not need this on daily basis but when you will fall in trouble, customer support will be your savior. Customer support of A2 Hosting helped me several times special when I messed up with my blog’s database section and when I need to shift my blogs. Apart from that, they are also very helpful in case you get malware attack on your site(s). 

Back-End Technology

A2 Hosting is one of those companies who are always updated with their technology and supported by top-notch hardware for better result. As much as I remember, A2 Hosting is one of the early adopters of SSD drives for server storage which literally has changed the web worlds that you are enjoying right now.

High-end SSD server of A2 Hosting supports all the latest version of major web programming languages such as PHP, Ajax, MySQL, .NET, ASP, Node.js, Python, Ruby, PERL, PostgreSQL and so on. On there top of that you can have Turbo speed by enhancing your server’s resources on demand which will give you taste of cloud hosting on a shared hosting plan.

In order to enhance the performance, A2 Hosting has it’s own optimization and cache plugins that are built in with some plans and will take your site ahead of others. On the top of that, its network with high bandwidth is able to handle way more traffic than you can imagine. In case of sudden traffic spike, your site isn’t going to be down like other servers because A2 Hosting has “Performance Plus” feature which will handle your extra traffic during sudden traffic spike with just a fraction of cost that other servers ask for.

Security is one of the top issues that most of the server companies are facing due to badass hackers. However, A2 Hosting has pretty strong Firewall to prevent any sort of hacking, jacking, malware injection, DDoS attack etc along with its built-in security plugin for popular CMS like WordPress.

Some of the best things that I love about A2 Hosting are it’s free SSL certificate, free malware checking, daily backups and CDN access.

Pricing and Plans

A2 Hosting has pretty simple pricing structure for it’s shared, Re-seller, VPS and Dedicated server as shown below:

A2Hosting Pricing

These simple pricing are the base price of each type of hosting server. However, I usually do use the Shared hosting due to easy management and affordable price. If you dig deeper into shared hosting plans you will find A2 Hosting is offering 3 different types shared hosting which are equipped with their own advantages and extra features depending on the price.

A2Hosting Shared Pricing

Payment Methods and Terms

A2 Hosting’s pricing is pretty simple and easy to understand for any newbie. This hosting company accepts almost all the major payment methods such as credit or debit card from MasterCard and Visa, Paypal, Skrill, 2CheckOut, Bank wire transfer and so more.

You can get server for minimum 1 month as well as maximum for 3 years via single payment term. However, you can’t have it for 3 or 6 months plan which may seem unusual for some people who buy servers for test purpose. However, if you are looking for test then get it for 1 year and after your test just cancel the plan and you will get rest of the money back to your account (I am 100% sure about this because this same thing happen with me).

Pros and Cons

No matter how good something is, it must has some flows! However, in case of A2 Hosting – the server that I am loving and using for last 2 years, it’s pretty tough to find out flows.


  • Free SSL certificates
  • Managed cloud server
  • Easily customize-able plans
  • Any-time money back
  • Best value compared to price


  • Not perfect for mobile apps

A2 Hosting vs Blue Host – The Simplest Comparison!



A2 Hosting vs HostGator – The Simplest Comparison!



Final Verdict

So, all the data are in-front of you and it’s totally up to you what sort of action you want to take. However, here goes my suggestion; first think what are the core values that you want from your hosting service provider. If it’s the reliability and performance then surely you can proceed with A2 Hosting (and don’t forget to check out this discount coupon of A2 Hosting). On the other hand, if you can looking for cheap one then you need to compromise the holy grail named “Quality”.

No matter if you go with A2 Hosting or not, I would love to know your experience with the current hosting you are using (if any). In addition, if you have any kind of query regarding this post please let me know via comment. 

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