7 Underused Ways to Drive More Traffic to your Website

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If you are running a website …good. But then, that good feeling won’t last long if you aren’t attracting enough traffic to your site. For a website to attract more traffic and conversions, you need to look over and above the standard SEO rules of optimization rules.

Underused Ways to Drive More Traffic to your Website

Here I am going to walk you through 7 underused ways that could help you drive more traffic to your website.

#1.  Create a Potpourri of Actionable Content

Good content grabs eyeballs. Great content inspires people to take action.

So ask yourself: What sort of content are you creating for your website?  

No doubt, creating great content is useful for SEO. But, more than that, great content that offers actionable tips inspires people to engage more deeply and even take action. The best part? It doesn’t stop at that. People actively promote on their social media handles, which, in turn, drives more traffic to your site.

Further, you could come up with posts of different lengths – that is shorter posts comprising 500 to 600 words and longer posts of 1500 to 2000 words.  

Long form content not only helps your SEO but it provides immense value to those who are reading your blog.  

What’s more, use videos to make your site more engaging. According to industry experts, people can absorb information easily through videos than through text.  In short, use video marketing to grab people’s attention and to boost traffic to your website.  

#2. Get Thought Leaders and Industry influencers to Speak their Mind via your Website

If anything, users need a rock-solid reason to land on your site. Getting thought leaders and industry influencers to speak to you and then posting content about the same on your blog is a sure-fire way to build credibility and authority for your site, and, at the same time, attract new readers for your website.  

This kind of content is sure to make your blog popular.   

And, if you think, influencers and thought leaders will only be available for big brands, then you are wrong.  Just ask, and you will see how many of these thought leaders are more than willing to speak to you.

But then, first of all, list down all the influencers and professionals you are planning to reach out through emails or social media and then send them a request regarding the same.

If the concerned party has agreed, you could conduct an interview and publish it on your site, or you could use the extracts of the same to build a post from scratch.

This will drive new and relevant traffic in two ways: #1. From your own social media handles #2. From the social media networks of your influencers.   

Tips for generating Questionnaire for Influencers and thought leaders

While generating a questionnaire for influencers keep in mind that you need to ask questions that engage the influencer and at the same time it should resonate with the readers as well. One of the primary strategies is to employ “five Ws” of journalism – that is “Who, What, Where, When, Why and also H.   

#3. Build your Brand on LinkedIn – Publish, Engage And Leave Comments More Often

LinkedIn is synonymous with professional networking. But then, you could even use it to draw traffic to your site by publishing content on them. This is the best way to build authority for your business and drive traffic through internal linking.

The other way out is to connect and engage with others. If you have written a post that visitors might find valuable, write a message to them and also share a link.  This could attract quality traffic to your site.  

Plus, you could share your site links in the comment section of LinkedIn groups. However, it’s important not to be spammy while inserting links in the comments. Share a link only if the content is relevant and users find it useful. Besides sharing links, you could also answer questions, offer feedback, advice and more.

#4. Post Content on Facebook and Twitter Handles Often

Social media has become an indispensable tool for promotion these days. So, businesses need to be active on social media very often.  If not every day, at least post content three times a week. But then, find out what works for your business, and chart out a map accordingly. The idea is to make your customers know you are alive and active. So engage them. More importantly, engage them regularly. Posting just once, twice and then conveniently forgetting for a couple of weeks won’t gain you any potential customers. For building a relationship between you and customers, you need to post often.  

You could even think of sharing your blog posts or other content resources from your website across social media channels. This will encourage potential customers to visit your site and learn more about your products and services.

Besides sharing content on social media, you need to be active in the comment section.  Initiate a conversation, answer questions and more.

This helps build a relationship between you and your prospects.

#5. Guest Blog on Relevant Sites

Securing a post on a relevant site, and not any random site, draws more traffic to your website. The best part is that it attracts a similar or relevant audience.  

Given that you get to include link backs to your site, which in turn, drives more traffic to specific blogs or site pages.

But then, remember, while writing your first draft, the post should be carefully chosen because it should appeal both to your website audience and the site you intend to guest post on.

However, don’t forget, guest blogging space has witnessed revolutionary changes in the past eighteen months. So proceed with caution.

#6. Narrow Down your Paid Advertising Channels

Don’t spread yourself thin and scatter your efforts on different paid advertising channels. Instead, bet on those that could bring in more traffic and the desired conversions – it could be paid search, social media advertising, or display advertising.

Each paid channel has its positives and negatives, so think through them before putting your money in them.  Further, aim for high commercial intent keywords. Of course, the competition for these keywords would be high, but then, the returns will be worth it.

#7. Focus On-Page SEO

If you think optimizing content for search engines is an old and outdated thing, think again. Optimizing content for search engines is still an in thing and should be on your radar always. So, create internal linking, add image alt text, add meta descriptions and more. Just do it! It will help boost your organic traffic.

Wrapping Up

There you go! 5 Underused tactics to drive traffic to your site. Good, if you are already leveraging some of these because you already on track to attract traffic. But then, try leveraging other tactics as well to find out what best fits your business. But then, power these tactics with a comprehensive SEO plan, to drive more clicks and conversions.

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