4 Crucial Factors to Consider while Designing an E-mail Strategy

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E-mail marketing is a perfect example of a strategy that looks apparently simple and straightforward. It is due to this thinking that marketers fail to generate their desired click though/lead generation/ lead conversion rates.

Even today, many marketers feel that sending a generalized e-mail to their entire customer database is the only thing that constitutes an e-mail strategy.

Countering this perception, here are the most crucial aspects of your e-mail strategy that you should carefully frame in order to achieve your goals.

 1. Defining your objective

Clearly defining your e-mail marketing objective is the most important thing that you should do even before framing the strategy.

Having a specific goal will help you to frame your e-mail strategy in a non-generic manner as per the requirements of your goal.

Thoroughly knowing your target customer or the specific segment among your overall customer base generally forms the most crucial part of your objective.

This is where e-mail segmentation comes in.

E-mails segmentation refers to splitting up your customer list into tiny categories of customers who belong to similar groups. These smaller groups are then targeted with e-mail campaigns that are tailor-made for them.

Certain marketing automation software can easily perform this task for you

 In today’s world, where personalization is a must for your e-mail campaign’s success; segmentation is your bread and butter.

2. Maintaining consistency

E-mail marketing is something where you require both quantity as well as quality on an equal basis.

It’s always required to provide your target customer with frequent interval-based e-mails to keep them constantly informed and engaged, regarding the product that you want to convert them for, as it is a rare case that your customer would open your e-mail and click through to your CTA, with the first few e-mails.

What discourages marketers from amping up their e-mail frequency is the fear of customers labeling their e-mails as spam, which in simple terms is a dead-end for an e-mail campaign.

This is where “quality” comes in. If you always focus on providing your customer with e-mails regarding the product/service/ content that he had actually signed up for, then there is no reason for him to put your e-mail address in the spam category.

3. E-Mail Subject

 The first point of contact that your customer makes with your e-mail is the subject line. However, that does not mean, you should include click baits or catchy phrases in your subject line.

 So how do write a perfect subject line for your e-mail?

 Firstly, always keep it short, so that you don’t end up confusing your viewer regarding your e-mail’s content. A subject line that is anywhere between six to ten words works the best and will promise you a good open rate.

 You should only use humor in your subject line if you have maintained a humorous tone as a part of your brand image and on your other marketing and social media platforms.

 Things that you should definitely add to your subject line are numbers, as they have been proven to increase your click-through rate.

4. Personalizing your content

Personalization has turned out to be one of the most prominent digital marketing trends of 2019. 

Nowadays, you would barely receive any level of engagement from your target consumer, if you are targeting them with a generic piece of e-mail that doesn’t particularly have anything for him.

Therefore you should combine your e-mail segmentation strategy with personalization, and create unique content for every customer segment that you had created under your segmentation strategy.

Such content should mandatorily have some value offerings that are particularly catered toward the specific customer segment that you are targeting.

Wrapping up 

As a piece of final advice, it’s always recommended to include video content in abundance, in your e-mail campaigns as videos can help you create that immediate engagement and make your customers more inclined to click your CTA.

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