10 Reasons why My Life is Blessed due to Blogging!!!

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From laid off security guard to island hopping, pro blogging, Amazon best selling digital nomad, blogging has changed my life for the better in so many ways.

It is easy to start a blog but it takes inspired, persistent work to keep the blog going.

Keep your head up! If you are thinking of blogging or have jumped in to wet your toes but seem to be struggling like hell I can tell you from personal experience: relief, happiness and success is on the way.

Blogging has touched my life in a miraculous way and can do the same for you if you dive in and make a full commitment to learning your craft and to helping your readers with their problems.

If your ears perk up while reading these reasons to yourself I think the pro blogger in you is screaming to come out too.


#1. I Went from Wallflower to Social Butterfly

I was a shy wallflower 8 years ago.

Today I am a social butterfly.

Blogging helped me bridge the gap.

When you blog, in order to become a pro, you need to meet and greet individuals to build your network. Online and offline. If you do not meet and greet you do not become a pro blogger.

I left my shell on a daily basis to become more compassionate, more social, more open and more loving.

You connect to who you REALLY are through building a professional, full time blogging career.


#2. I Circled the Globe

I’ve circled the globe over the past 6 years through blogging.

Prior to that I was a security guard, working 6 days a week and sometimes 18 hour days at a shipping terminal.

Blogging gave me the vehicle through which I could help people, prosper and travel the world.

Not a bad deal for tapping squares with my fingers all day long.

I’ve lived in Fiji, Bali, Thailand, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Cyprus, Turkey, Nicaragua and Costa Rica for months at a time.

Thank you, blogging.


#3. I Conquered Many Fears

8 years ago I could not write 300 words before I flipped out due to writer’s block.

I had so many fears during those days, from losing money to being criticized to failing horribly and being a laughing stock.

Blogging coaxed – and coached – me to experience, embrace, feel and release many of my deepest fears. I have been broke. I have lost nearly every physical possession in my life. Yet here I am, years later, with those fears embraced and left in my rear view window.

Blogging forces you to face certain fears so those fears die a quick death. When you fully face, embrace and release the terrors.


#4. I Changed More Lives

Blogging helped me inspire more folks to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

Blogging helped me to help you live your dreams.

By sitting down to write posts and to promote other bloggers I helped people write and self-publish their first eBook, or I inspired them to leave the 9-5 job they wanted to quit.

I changed more lives than I ever dreamed of through running a blog.


#5. I Unearthed Long Lost Talents

In the 5th grade I was an award-winning public speaker.

Some 30 years later I display that same talent through my Facebook Live and YouTube videos.

I totally forgot how hammy I was. For decades. But blogging got me on the video creating track. The same track where I met that skinny little kid in New Jersey who was winning all those Optimist Club competitions around the state.

Blogging will help you remember skills you had long forgotten you possessed.


#6. I Met People from all over the World Online

Indonesia. Cambodia. Sri Lanka. Nepal.

I met friends from each country – cyber-style – when I began blogging many years ago. I helped folks who found me through my blog or social media websites. I formed bonds. I made buddies.

In time, my friend and reader list looked like the roster for the United Nations. All because I began blogging to cyber connect with the rest of the world.


#7. I Met People from all over the World Offline

My traveling lifestyle helped me meet folks all over the world offline.

I met up with some of my online buddies like Zac Johnson, Rob Cubbon, Elizabeth Bradley and Shannon Hernandez. In Zac’s case we met in our home state of New Jersey but I met Rob and Elizabeth in Thailand and Shannon in Bali.

Blogging helps you live a location independent lifestyle that affords you the ability to meet friends from all over the world. Or if you prefer a few longer vacation each year, blogging can help you connect with new and old friends too, in international settings.


#8. I Connected with Inspired Online Figures and Entities

Richard Branson tweeted me. I was also featured on his blog.

Chris Brogan tweet endorsed 2 of my eBooks.

I spoke at NYU. I appeared on Virgin, Forbes, Fox News and Entrepreneur, as well as on John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com.

Before it fell through at the last minute I actually filmed a video to be featured on the National Geographic Channel. Oh well.

Anyway, blogging has helped me connect with billionaires and appear on some of the world’s top websites.

Ummmm…yeah…..this has changed my life for the better.


#9. I Saw Rare Animals in Person

I felt like I stepped inside a National Geographic Show.

Bullet ants, poison dart frogs, Mealy Amazon parrots, toucans, Howler monkeys, spider monkeys, army ants, scorpions, centipedes and spiders. And this was just one travel stop, at a remote jungle in Costa Rica.

I’ve helped slay spitting cobras in Bali, I’ve wrangled 8 inch long, vicious Scolopendra centipedes in Thailand, I’ve seen 6 foot long monitor lizards throughout Southeast Asia and I’ve lived with bats and foot long Tokay geckos in the house.

Through blogging I have been able to see and experience rare and exotic wildlife live and in the flesh.


#10. I Introduced My Lower Self to My Higher Self

Blogging helped the little me meet the Big Me.

We all have a lower and Higher Self. Our lower self operates through mind, mired in lack and limitation. Our Higher Self is Spirit.

Blogging forced me to address how I let the lower side of my nature dominate my life. I finally saw the bad influence as something to largely let go, versus, something to hold onto.

My Higher Self guided me to start blogging, to circle the globe, to write and self-publish 124 eBooks and to follow my dreams with pit bull-like tenacity. All because I dove into this blogging bit and gradually allowed my intuition to call the shots.


Keep blogging. Let your Higher Self take over.

Your Turn

What has blogging taught you?

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