10 Great Products For What To Sell Online That Offers Branding Opportunity

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When it comes to what to sell online, there are thousands of products you can choose from. In order to narrow down your product range, you can use some strategies that many online retailers find helpful. This article discusses ten popular products to sell online, as well as potential benefits and drawbacks of selling.

What To Sell Online: 10 Great Products

Nowadays it has become easier than ever to set up your own online shop. However, if you don’t already produce a particular product, you may be wondering what to sell online. The variety of products you can sell in your online store may seem overwhelming.

Product selection is quite a common concern among individual online retailers. It can also be a challenge because the product selection for online shops is so extensive that it can often be difficult to narrow down the exact product that will be best.

This article has a collection of 10 great products for you to consider when you are thinking about what you can provide as a product to your online customers. Each item listed is either trending, in demand, or has a different specific reason why it was chosen.

How We Chose Our Selections

One of the main challenges for small or individual online retailers in getting started is often choosing what product to sell, and we understand this is an important decision. In looking at the many options available in the online marketplace, we took a few considerations into account when drawing up this list.

The first factor we looked at is what is currently popular with online shoppers. Since you won’t be providing shoppers with a one-stop-shop like a larger, standard online retailer, it’s important to carve out a special niche. In this list, some specialty products are included so that you have the opportunity to create a unique and memorable merchandise line.

We also looked at product variants.

By that, we mean that we considered some types of merchandise that may have several variations on the theme. This may appeal to certain online retailers and not others. Perhaps you are looking for one product that is generally standard across the board; while, others may be looking to offer their customers a product that comes in a lot of different slight variations.

Another important factor in our selection is how real-life users have rated the items. A product that already has relatively high overall ratings is likely to be an easier success for your shop. It is critical to consider how your potential customers already feel about a product you plan to offer online.

10 Great Products

Following is our list of what to sell online right now. Each product has a short description as well as a justification for why we chose it. We also include other technical information that may be necessary or helpful.

Beard Shampoo

The beard trend has exploded and just keeps on growing. There is a wide range of popular products that beard-wearers look for online. One that has seen a big jump in terms of its popularity is beard shampoo. Rather than an all-purpose hair shampoo, this product is a specific shampoo formulation designed for the care and maintenance of facial hair.

There are many different brands within this product category to choose from. Some of the brands that seem to be particularly sought-after among online customers include Professor Fuzzworthy’s, Billy Jealousy, and Mr. Natty’s.

Enamel Pins

Tiny enamel pins with whimsical designs are a delightful trend that has started to hit brick-and-mortar as well as online shops. One of the benefits of offering these pins as a product choice in your online shop is that customers may add it as an impulse purchase after they’ve bought other things.

You could choose to target a specific category of pins and thus hit a super-niche target or offer a really wide variety of different pins to try to cater to people who have collections. You could even search out vintage pins and have a special section for just those.

Bluetooth Speakers

With the widespread popularity of podcasts and music streaming services, Bluetooth speakers are a solid and reliable product choice of what to sell online. These speakers come in a wide range of sizes and styles, so really the decision is up to you about which type you want to offer your online customers.

One way you might narrow down your choices is to first decide whether you want to offer high-end speakers for a niche market, or lower-end speakers to appeal to more budget-conscious shoppers. You could also decide to gear your entire online shop around Bluetooth speakers, offering as many different types as you wish, and becoming a sort of hub for the product category.

Gourmet Tea Blends

Coffee and tea is pretty much always a hit, but add a unique twist, and you just might create a very loyal customer base. The emergence of a vast number of specialty tea companies has grown in the past few years, and you can take advantage of this trend by offering to sell a range of specialty and gourmet tea blends online.

In this category, you could specialize in one particular market, for example, by carrying detox teas for the health and fitness crowd. You could also target your online shop to a specific type of tea, such as a selection of hard-to-find brands that major retailers don’t carry. Ecommerce shoppers often buy things online that they can’t find in their local brick-and-mortar stores.

 Pet Accessories

The pet accessory market is a big business. Many pet owners, especially small dog owners, love to dress their pets up in creative outfits just for fun. In addition, lots of exclusive pet accessories, like cat leashes, may not be easy to find in local stores, so consumers turn online to hunt them down. An online shop that specializes in uncommon pet accessories could easily become a go-to for people who plug specific unique pet accessory terms into their search engine.

Cell Phone Cases

Smartphones are everywhere, so this product category has a wide market base. In addition, nearly everyone who owns a smartphone also purchases a case to go with it, because the phones are such delicate technology and can easily break.

Smartphone cases can be a great product for your online shop because you can diversify and either offer all the major brand names or sell generic cases that apply to most brands across the board. You can also offer cases that users can’t find elsewhere or cater to specific target groups who look for themes that correspond to their hobbies or interests.

Novelty Socks

Novelty socks are the perfect niche product because they never go out of style and they make excellent gifts. Imagine how much your customers would enjoy browsing a wide selection of whimsical designs for men, women, and children in your online sock shop. You could also offer a range of socks in specific categories as well as from different countries to highlight cultural trends.

Body Shapewear

Another hot product in terms of apparel is that of shapewear. These are undergarments that are designed to give users a sleek shape in form-fitting clothing. The shapewear business is booming, and body slimmers are popular year-round. Shapewear includes skirt shapers, high-waist briefs, high waist shapers, and thigh shapers, among others.

Home Fragrance

Products for home fragrances are a sought-after trend and come in many different product variations. There are essential oil diffusers, space sprays, plug-in diffusers, reed diffusers, oil burners, and catalytic fragrance lamps. To name just a few. You could build your shop around the various types of home fragrances. Focus on a specific niche in the category.

Wireless Headphones

Another option in terms of technology accessories that you can sell online is that of wireless headphones. In addition to capturing podcast and streaming music fans, you can also get gamers in on this product. There is a wide range of benefits to wireless headphones that you could easily highlight in selling this product online.

Final Considerations

As you narrow down your ideas for what to sell online. Keep in mind that there are different ways to focus your product line. One of the main differences is between niche products and what is known as commoditized products; that is, products that consumers use year-round on a regular basis. So, one of your first choices to help you narrow down. What merchandise to offer is the selection of a market category you wish to fill.

You may also wish to look for products that offer you a branding opportunity.

Being able to brand your particular shop. Because you offer a trending product can help set you apart in a crowded marketplace. You could gather a loyal following of clients who seek out the product that you’re offering. And also when they choose to purchase it again, they come back to your shop because of the brand image you’ve created. Brands give consumers a feeling of trust with the retailer. And also in e-commerce, this can be one of your most valuable commodities.

Product selection is a key part of your overall e-commerce plan. Remember, choosing what to sell online is an art rather than a science. Do your homework and research the products that you believe will do well in your shop. But also be open to the fact that you will do a lot of learning as you go along.

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